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Little Boy Blue


Even if Aleksandr isn't someone's cup of tea, they would probably still have a difficult time denying the fact that he's one of the 'beautiful people'. His is a face easily remembered. Bright blue eyes, surrounded by lashes slightly darker than his shoulder length blond hair, are the focal point of his finely chiseled, flawless face. Those eyes are the sort that catch a person's attention and keep it, if only from a distance. His, slightly pouty, rose blushed lips curve into an easy enough smile that seems genuine and warm. Sometimes shy and demure, other times brash and bold, it's difficult to determine just what to expect from him.

Aleksandr's clothing is normally simple and straight forward. For casual, everyday wear, he's often seen in a simple t-shirt coupled with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of scuffed boots. Should the mood strike him, or the situation warrant it, he dresses up well and in some of the finest clothing the 'Verse has to offer.


Full name
  • Aleksandr Seamus O'Doherty
Date of Birth
  • October 30th, 2504
  • Father: Phelan O'Doherty
  • Mother: Katia O'Doherty (Maiden: Demidov)
  • Killian O'Doherty (Age: 27)
  • Nysacire O'Doherty (Age: 25)
  • Phelim O'Doherty (Age: 21)
  • Caitrin O'Doherty (Age: 15)
  • Natalya O'Doherty (Age: 9)
  • Ziven O'Doherty (Age: 5)
  • None
  • None Known
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Blue eyes, Blond hair
Education Information

Public School to Age 12, Four years Companion Training, Three Years in the School of Real Life.


Aleksandr Seamus O'Doherty came into the world in the usual way on October 30th, 2504. For four years, he would be the youngest son of Phelin and Katia O'Doherty. To say that he was doted on was a bit of an understatement. To say that he was resentful when his little sister Caitrin came along is even more of an understatement. He may have only been four years old, but he hated that screaming little brat that took away all his attention. All his attention other than that still lavished upon him by his big sister Nysa. Growing up it was always his Nysa he'd run to with skinned knees and other 'boo boos'. It was his Nysa that always covered for him when he did something wrong. It was his Nysa that he shared all his hopes and dreams with. What then, was a boy to do, when his Nysa was gone by the time he was eleven? Keep all his hopes and dreams to himself and turn into a withdrawn and sullen little thing, that's what.

Withdrawn and sullen or not, Aleksandr was beginning to mature into a strikingly beautiful young man. By the age of twelve, he caught the attention of a companion passing through. By the age of twelve and a half, he was sent off to become a cultured and educated young man. Ha! Right! That lasted a little while. But by the time he was sixteen, Aleksandr decide that the companion thing wasn't for him. Too may rules, too many people to answer to. He wanted to be his own man. He flunked out, some say intentionally because he had what it took to succeed, but he left with enough skills to get by quite well.

He learned, very quickly, that his good looks could carry him anywhere he wanted to go when he coupled them with the seduction and charm he had learned in his four years studying to be a Companion. He went from being kept by one wealthy lover to another, sometimes men, sometimes women, but all older than him and more than willing to lavish the beautiful boy with whatever his heart desired. He learned how to fake interest in them physically and mentally. Basically? He learned how to be exactly what he denies being, a Companion. He also made it a point to pick up other skills of use along the way such as how to defend himself and how to shoot a gun.

All in all, the lad led a rather posh and cozy life and without being under the thumb of the Companion's Guild, he could fool himself into believing he was his own man. His little illusion of self sufficiency and independence came to a crashing end when he became entangled with Carlson Anders. Like so many of Aleksandr's 'benefactors' before, Carlson was wealthy, middle aged, and lavished the boy with gifts. But Carlson had a pull to him, a natural charisma that drew Aleksandr in like a moth to a flame; drew him in and blinded him to the truth beneath the surface. The little moth got burned and bad.

By the time Aleksandr realized that he was in over his head, it was too late to just walk away. For eight months, the lad tolerated Carlson's cruelty, too afraid of the man to leave. Aleksandr has blocked from his memory most of the abuse suffered at Carlson's hand and the fact that he beat the man half to death with a fire poker before he stole everything he could and left. Normally he hocks the things he steals, but he was always quite fond of the gold watch Carlson wore. What he didn't know, and still doesn't, is that the watch holds inside its face, a microchip that contains the names and 'dirt' on several prominent Alliance officials. The microchip contains pictures and other evidence of sordid affairs, drug use, and other illegal acts. Needless to say Carlson is angry about being beaten and robbed, but he wouldn't go to the authorities and risk the embarrassment of his 'secret boy' being found out. And, more importantly, he wants that watch back at any cost.

Currently between 'benefactors' and missing eight months of his life, Aleksandr finds himself on Persephone. He has enough of a nest egg saved to get buy for a little while, money stolen from the people who gave him a home. But his future is, now, uncertain. Will he be forced to find an honest way to make a hard earned living, or will fortune smile on him once again?

Recent Events

It's been right at four months since Aleksandr left Carlson Anders a bloody mess in front of the fireplace at his estate. He was first found wandering the streets of Persephone a bloody, confused mess by Alexander Cromwel. His Knight in Shining Armor whisked him off to Osiris and Bubastis before the Alliance could be called in to investigate the rambling, bloody young man. Once there, Aleksander was briefly reunited with his Nysa. But the boy was so lost and confused over the missing eight months of his life, the time he couldn't remember, that he wandered away from his safe haven to try to figure things out.

Unfortunately, his wandering hasn't really provided him with the answers he's looking to find. A chance run in with Dale Lambsey ended with Aleksandr at the Medical Wellness Center on Persephone getting a refill for his asthma medications. A patient arriving bleeding from stab wounds trigged a flashback and now Aleksander is convinced that he's killed someone. All he remembers is the blood on his hands and clothing; blood that wasn't his own. This new found bit of his memory has him, once again, trying to contact Alexander Cromwel, the man that came to his rescue on that fateful night of his escape from Carlson.


On the surface, Aleksandr is anything he needs to be to get the 'job' done. If the 'job' calls for sweet and innocent, then Aleksandr is sweet and innocent. If the 'job' calls for sensual and flirtatious, then he's sensual and flirtatious. He is, in effect, a chameleon.

Beneath the surface, he's a lonely and confused young man that longs for a place to belong. All he wants is for someone to see the real Aleksandr and to love him for it rather than for the masks he so easily and often dons to get by in life. For so long, his life has been out of control and he secretly wants nothing more than to have someone take control for him. He's lived his lie of a life for so long that, sometimes, he's not even certain what the truth might be anymore. There is one solid and unshakable truth, however. Aleksandr is far more than just another pretty face. He just needs a chance to prove it, not only to everyone else but to himself.