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Full name: Alaren Edan Thalasa M.D.
Date of Birth: June 30, 2493
Gender: female
Born On: Rimworld transport
Eyes: Gray ringed in lavender
Hair: Auburn
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105 lbs
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Parents: Tobin and Edan Thalasa (deceased)
Siblings: None
Spouse: Divorced or something. Zachary MacAbrams was undecided
Involved for a short time with Blake Lassiter.
Children: Miscarriage
Assignment: Praemia
Specialization: Surgery
Status: Active
Nicknames: Doc or Al


  • Beginning studies: Londinium Foundling Orphanage Accelerated Program for Gifted Children
  • Graduated valedictorian June, (2502)
  • Graduated Londinium Institute of Technology - Baccalaureate Degree in Clinical Research and Biology - May, (2505)
  • Graduated Londinium University Medical School - Doctor of Medicine, May, (2509)

Specialized Training

  • Internship: Surgical - Londinium University Medical School - (2506 - 2507)
  • Residency: Trauma Unit - Londinium University Hospital - (2507- 2509)
  • Degree in Restorative surgery granted May, (2511)


  • University Medical Center, Londinium Asst. Chief Surgeon (2514 - 2521)
  • Contracted physician for Federal aid initiative on Hera that ended in a bloody skirmish (2521)
  • Hired as General Surgeon on the medical ship Guan Yin II,
  • Hired as General Surgeon for the Black Wolf Enterprises Valiant,
  • Former CMO for Black Wolf Enterprises Dark Embrace,
  • Former CMO for Guan Yin II,
  • Current General Surgeon Praemia


Personality and Demeanor

  • Introvert
  • Has a dry sense of humor
  • Enjoys a good debate
  • Headstrong
  • Compassionate
  • Good listener
  • Prankster
  • Shoe whore
  • Can't sing or cook
  • Bibliophile
  • Recovering alcoholic
  • Addicted to coffee



Alaren is a slim small boned female. Her physique is shapely, but fit. Her feminine features are classically formed and are misleading of her actual age. Her complexion is slightly tanned. Her unusual gray eyes are ringed in violet around the iris and all the more striking framed by thick dark lashes and arched eyebrows a touch darker than her auburn hair. Her face is slightly narrow with an aquiline nose and a full shapely mouth. She bears a small white scar on her chin and deep dimples when she smiles.

The Past

Tobin and Edan Thalasa.jpg

Alaren’s parents were missionaries, both former Alliance officers. Disillusioned with that way of life and feeling that their lives had a higher purpose they gave up their lives of duty and comfort traveling among the rim planets spreading the gospel and whatever aid was needed to those who lived in relative poverty.

Me and Daddy.jpg
Her father was a strong willed man, compassionate and soft spoken. Her mother loved growing things and had a wonderful sense of humor. On the move from one world to the next, Alaren was born on June 30th 2493 on a transport ship in transit. On a similar journey seven years later, the ship was attacked by pirates and her parents and their close friends were killed. Her parents hid Alaren, their only child and diverted the Pirates away from her location at the loss of their own lives.
Well hidden, she was only found after an Alliance officer heard her crying. At the tender age of seven she was sent to an orphanage on Londinium where her care was less than humane.

During her formative years academic testing revealed she was well advanced for her age, and was placed in a program for the gifted. Alaren graduated first in her class and then aspired to become a doctor. She enrolled in the university, achieved her doctorate and worked toward her dream of becoming a surgeon.


Alaren worked her way to a high salaried position as the assistant chief surgeon of the University medical center. However something was missing. She never quite settled into the Utopia surroundings of the core world. Money and reputation was not enough to satisfy Alaren’s craving for knowledge and adventure. Alaren was contracted with a government agency for a Federal initiative that she was told was for "the good of the people" on Hera. She accepted the offer and with noble intentions took a leave from her job and went to Hera. The whole operation went sour. A bloody skirmish took place that killed quite a few people. One that was significant involved her childhood love when a bomb exploded and a beam fell on his leg. Mangled beyong repair and to save him, Alaren had to remove his leg. Zachary MacAbrams never knew until years later that Alaren was the surgeon that intervened to save him. Unfortunately she still suffers from guilt and nightmares for her part in that tragedy.

Alaren attempted for a life of normalcy after the slaughter on Hera, but the demise of a ten year old girl too near death to save on her operating table, the young doctor turned her disillusioned eyes toward the Rim worlds that her father had written about in his journals with bitter hopefulness. Like her parents, Alaren made her way to the outer rim where she felt her talents were better suited and most needed.


  • Mother was Scottish, Father was Welsh and Greek. "If even a distant memory of Welsh blood flows through your veins, you will doubtless have the soul of a Celtic warrior, and yet a heart full of compassion." - Phil Evans
  • Her name is a combination of her paternal grandmother's name Alaina, and her mother's maiden name MacGaren.
  • Has a scar on her chin from a childhood bully.
  • Favorite coffee cup quotes:
    "I don't do perky!"
    "Instant human. Add coffee."