Alana Tarribotti

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Until a physician has killed one or two he is not a physician. ~Kashmiri Proverb.

Alana Tarribotti
Full name
  • Alana Tarribotti
Date of Birth * December 14
Birthplace *Ariel
Parents * Father: Anthony
  • Mother: Victoria (deceased)
Siblings * Darius (Deceased)
Spouse * None
Children * None
Assignment * Post-Op, Derrial Book Memorial
Specialization * Medical Doctor
Gender * Female
Eyes and Hair * Blue Eyes
  • Blonde Hair
Height and Weight * 5'9"
  • 130 lbs
Status * Active
Education Information
  • Ariel School of Medicine
Military Service
  • None
Employment History
  • Doctor, Jia
  • Doctor, Red Lion Industries
  • Doctor, Book Memorial Hospital
Personal Notes



The woman is a tall, thin of frame with pronounce cheek bones, giving her a slightly gaunt appearance. Her eyes strongly pierce, a light blue-gray, over a long nose, leading to lips that sit in an almost perpetual start of a smile. Her blonde hair frames her face, when it hangs straight, but most times it is pulled back into a tight bun, though whisps of hair will fly free. Her skin is pale, and she wears little to no makeup, though around her eyes, it is obvious the woman does not sleep well.

When she is working she usually keeps a old lab coat on, but most times she can be found in a signature blouse of white linen, and cotton pants in black pinstripe. Brown calf high boots with a low heel have seen better days, but they were used for a great amout of travel themselves. She keeps a necklace on around her neck, of thin gold chain. Around which there is an engagement ring and a class ring, but both of these are usually tucked away. Simple silver hoop earrings are her only other adornments.


The woman often seems to be pleasant, eager to please, and patient. She can change in a heartbeat to something demanding, forceful and direct, like an on-off switch. Her mental attitude is somewhat chaotic currently, and can be positive or negative depending on someone's approach. More often than not she will try to smooth over a situation rather than confront it, but if that doesn't work, frustration gets the better of her, and she can get rather cross.


When Alana Tarribotti was born, she found life was always going to be somewhat of a challenge. Born in the middle of a crisis on board a ship in the black, Alana was lucky to have survived at all. The engines were failing, the people screaming, her new mother clutching her close and crying. But miraculously, thanks to her brave father, they were smuggled about a shuttle and escaped from the craft. Picked up two weeks later, the healthy little girl was saved with her family, and vows were said to make sure they would never be this harmed again.

At the age of 5, Alana welcomed a little brother to her family. Darius was a fair haired boy, who was a bright star of the family. Together they were a cohesive unit living on a small colony for a while as her father saved up enough to move them all to Ariel. Her father found work in Red Lion Industries and brought home many files and papers on the medical programs they worked with, providing packs, while her mother worked in one of the holographic scanning facilities. Both able to provide readily, and with access to good schooling, Alana found herself immersed in the fringe of the medical community, sparking her interest in being a doctor. When she told her parents they told her how hard she would have to work to make that dream come true. And so she did.

She applied herself to her schooling and was rewarded for it, working hard and diligently. She may not have been the fastest student or the brightest, but her dedication was unwavering, and her family supported her every step of the way…but there was a cloud around her. Her little brother Darius was quite jealous of the praise his sister got for her efforts, and nothing he did seemed to match up to the skills she had. No matter what he did, Alana would always be first. Something about that unsettled him and so he sought out attention in other ways, becoming a slightly troubled boy.

For her part, as they grew up, Alana tried to foster her brother in his schoolwork and even direct praise his way. She loved her little brother and wanted to do anything she could to help him. When Darius started falling in with the wrong crowd, she protected him from mom and dad’s wrath by covering up his late arrivals home at night and his petty crimes. But soon, after an evening out, Darius was returned by police with an explanation of robbery. Ashamed the fight between him and the family turned bad, and Alana could do nothing more to help her brother. Soon afterwards, he ran away, and disappeared from their lives.

The sadness and frustration made Alana work insanely hard at her studies as she tried to block out the pain and sorrow of that night. She worked for a long time at high school, then college, with all her heart, keeping people at a distance mostly. Going into medical school, her time and efforts were rewarded as they once were before, and she was forced into more social situations: classes, labs, study groups. There is where she met John Aaron Spence, a bright young man who was charming and rather handsome. She smiled at him just once one day, and soon the two became inseparable. Together they helped their way through medical school over the course of several years. They did classes, residency and ER work together. On the day of their graduation, at the party they arranged together he proposed. Alana said yes.

The date would be a year away to raise funds and pay their tremendous expenses, but they would be happy together, she was sure of it. Alana had no idea there was someone keeping tabs on her the whole time. Late of an evening, there was a knock at her apartment door. Even before she was able to answer it, the door burst open. Two men, wounded and hurt, collapsed through the door. One of the men shut and locked it and when she saw his face, she knew instantly it was Darius. His companion was stabbed deeply, and Darius explained he knew all about her and how she was a doctor and could help them both. He’d been watching from a distance, checking on her when he could. Still jealous and now hardened, Darius demanded she save his friend or he was going to kill her fiancé. Having no supplies ready, she prepared for treatment and ran out to once more help her brother. Alana returned to the hospital she was still working with, and smuggled out necessary supplies.

She returned and helped to patch the man up. He would need time to recover once she was done. But Alana demanded an explanation in her frustration. Darius told her that once he left he moved in with a a few men that had a place for a runner for their activities. Soon afterwards he was accepted and moved up. As they grew, they attracted the attention of a local crime boss, who stole supplies and sold them to off-world colonies for trade, making a tidy profit in the supply. Then he was on a fast track to becoming a soldier in his force making money hand over fist. But he was still a lieutenant, and still needed to save this man, the boss’ son. He looked at her and sadly apologized for his mistakes and that this was a last resort.

Alana loved her brother and knew there was nothing she could refuse him. She gave him a place to rest, and told him to watch over the man while she prepared for her day. He promised as soon as they could move they would be gone. She wanted him to stay here, so she could talk to him more. When she got to work, she was confronted by security who wanted to speak with her. Frightened she was directed to her supervisor’s office and shown video of her taking the medical supplies. Grounds for dismissal were discussed, possible arrest and the end of her career, Alana refused to give up her brother, but was shown the door for her efforts. Despondent she headed home, at least to her recently returned family.

However when she arrived, her brother was frantically helping his companion to his feet, ready to drag him off. Alana didn’t want her brother to leave, but calls were made and police were on their way. As she was in their way, Darius argued until his friend, the boss’ son, pulled out a gun and said they were taking her with them. When she refused, he aimed the gun at her brother. Soon there was a car to pick up all three.

Hidden away far from the city where she lived was the home of operations for the Vunderman family, a crime operation that needed very little in the way of cash, but did everything to get more. Black market crooks, Darius was forced to introduce Alana to Karl Vunderman, head of the family, and father to her last patient ever. He explained how he had brought Karl’s son, Justev, to Alana for treatment and that she saved his life. Karl then took her aside and told her that there would be no reason for her to leave. She could provide for her brother, and save his life for risking his son’s. She would take care of the people in his outfit and she would live, as would Darius.

Alana accepted and became a mob doctor. Forced into the role, she was able to keep up with developing techniques and information thanks to the criminal activity getting her access. Computer records were created for the woman, forgeries so she could move about, but never without an escort. She patched up so many men, and only a few women. Her brother kept a close watch on her when he could, but Darius could never make up for the fact his jealousy had destroyed his sister’s life. Angry with himself, he became angry at her, and started leaving her be.

This went on for years, when she was left to her own devices of an evening. The group were on a job when they came in severely injured. Her brother desperately needing help, she was forced to work on Karl Vunderman first. He required a great deal of surgery and care, which she was willing to provide. But after several hours of working, she discovered her brother was no longer breathing. He had died sometime while she was working on the boss. Devastated and in shock, she looked at the fallen mob boss, still open, and cut an artery, letting him bleed out. She ran out of the room and left the boss to die, as she shed her scrubs and wandered into the offices of the boss. She grabbed her papers, and collected a series of records, to shuffle their information and sink some credits into her account. Once that was done, she fled from the place, and escaped into the night.

When she found transportation to a remote world, she kept low for a while, but found herself as a nurse in a small farming community on Shinbone, learning about the world she was on and the people around her in this frontier colony. The doctor there was getting on in years and wanted to retire, so with her false records she became the new country doctor. It took several years for her to find some comfort and solace in the work, and the people. They were kind and gentle, needing only small comforts most often, and they in turn cared for their simple doctor. Finally a healer again, she seemed safe but always feared there would be someone to find her again.

Her family can never be contacted, and there are people looking for her. Mobsters, and cops, and family. Once when there were Vunderman people in the system, now run by Justev, she panicked and made up an excuse to get off world for a while. She had no intention on coming back if they had tracked her there, which it certainly seemed the case. She’s just looking for a place to call home now, and find somewhere she can hide.

Life was never easy. But dying is going to be awful hard too.

Current Events

Alana was assigned to the Jia for a short time, but left after her parents tracked her down. She escaped before the attack on Paquin, and was brought to Osiris where she was reunited with her mother and father, however briefly. Meeting other family members, she was able to find work with Red Lion performing surveys of the outer planets, but with assistance and new found knowledge of her former predators, abandoned hiding to become a doctor at Book Memorial.

Most recently, Alana was kidnapped by slavers, but has since been rescued, but is not without some psychological scarring.


Korben and Senga - Her two truest friends in the universe, since she signed on board with the Jia. She loves these two like family.

Cougar Lee Black - An inspiring friend from her time on the Jia, she's grown close to him, and misses having him as a nearby ally.

Fao McGuire - Captain of the Jia, her first employer on returning from the Black, and still a friend even after abandoning ship.

Damian Carmichael - CEO of Red Lion Industries, the man delivered her to Osiris in time to meet her estranged mother, and then hired her for a scouting mission. Very generous with his resources, he helped her get back on her feet and even get her the current position at Book Memorial.

Cecilia Tarribotti - her niece, a teenage girl that is as willful as she is opinionated. They've been through a lot even before they met, and their relationship goes through more ups and downs than a roller coaster.

Vincent Tanaka - Cecilia's boyfriend, a member of the Tanaka family, his business is a mystery to Alana, but she knows the family from their 'interactions' with the Vundermans. Still, a good decent man, she's glad to know he's watching out for Cecilia.

Zachary MacAbrams - Chief of Staff at Book Memorial, he hired Alana despite her admitted past and still current entanglements. A good man to talk to, she has had faith in his skill and guidance, yet she is still very formal and professional around him.

Rick Fort - Author of the Starlight series as well as a book about the Pirates of the Commonwealth, and current boyfriend.