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"Deviant Gunman"
Full name Akiana Hawkins
Date of Birth May 6th, 2495
Spouse Damien Alexander
Children None
Assignment None
Specialization Gunman
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes and hair
Height and Weight 5'11 & 180 lbs.
Status Retired

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Standing at five feet, eleven inches tall, Akiana pushes the envelope for being an above average woman. She's broad in the shoulders, and her body could almost form a perfect 'T' if she held her arms out. While she's not overly skinny, her body has been sculpted into muscular patterns fit for someone who has done hard labor most their lives and worked out as well. Long dark brown hair extends to just beyond her shoulder and she has eyes of the same color.

History (Pre-IC)


Secrets - OneRepublic

Born on Jiangyin, Akiana grew up a laborer's daughter. Her parents taught her from a very young age that it was best to work for your keep, and keep what you earn close to you at all times. Life was hard, and shortcuts only worked out for so long. When she was old enough to work, she worked hard to help her father keep their home, food on the table, and their overall bills of health as clean as possible. Most of her labor was done on the dock just outside the small town, but from time to time her services were offered to the local farmers who needed odd and end jobs done.


All I Want is You - U2

Such as it was for several years, Akiana had limited education save for what she could research on the cortex, or learned from the people who came and went from the planet while trading. It was during one of those conversations she was having with a frequent trader that the unthinkable happened. Shots were fired, cattle that had been routed in was spooked, and the docks exploded into a mess of madness and confusion. The trader had grabbed Kia and hauled her off and out of the way to a small place he had gotten himself on Jiangyin just in case he decided to settle for some peace and quiet every once in a while. This time he took an extended vacation, making sure Kia was able to heal from some of the wounds she had taken that day and that was slow coming.


Say Goodbye - Theory of a Deadman

In the time that she was healing with the trader, she had decided it was time for her to move out from her folks and move on to where her heart seemed to be leading her. She worked when she could, and made a nice life for herself and the man who had tended her wounds and stolen her heart.

A year later, on Kia's twenty first birthday she was gifted a silver bracelet etched with vines and roses with an emerald center set.

That night the trader disappeared from Jiangyin and Aki never heard from or saw him again.

Love is never easy out on the Rim. You get too used to the people you see in those small towns and traders are always fleeting.

Persuit of Happiness

Walk On - U2

Kia never worked the docks again. Finding herself alone, without a home to keep proper, and money dwindling she set out to find a place where she could lay her head and earn an honest living. She met a man named Kyronis Bledsoe - a rancher in need of just what she was looking for. The trade was a light weekly salary, bed to lay her head in, food to consume, and she would in turn do a variety of chores. In the years to come, their relationship bloomed much like that of an older brother to a younger sister. They talked about life, liberty, love, and the persuit of happiness. Soon she taught herself how to handle a gun, since there had been a few attempts of thievery and the like during her years then and seconded placed herself as security and odd job handler of the man's ranch.

Though a decade passed and Kyronis had noticed more and more a sort of longing that Akiana seemed to possess. On a fateful day in May, shortly after her 33rd birthday, they had a talk. Akiana confessed her desire to shoot out into the black and see the verse before she was too old. She had saved up enough credits, and Kyronis had added on some other ranch hands over the years for the tasks Akiana couldn't do herself. Much to Aki's surprise, Kyronis had put in a good word in for her with some friends of his that also traded goods with him. With a promise that they would remain friends and she had an open visitation to his doorstep, Akiana made a new home for herself on Alexandria with Shenjing Industries.

The rest...as they say...is yet to come....

Current Storylines


(( Being worked ))


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