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Full name Aislynne Gaile Beathaglais
Date of Birth November 05, 2500
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Aine Siobhan and McArthur Scott Beathaglais
Spouse Kyronis Bledsoe, Dec. 31 2534
Children Anastasia Bledsoe
Nathaniel McArthur Bledsoe, August 27, 2538
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel, Copper Corkscrews
Height and Weight 4'11", 95 lbs.
Status Celebrity
Education Information

University of Londinium, BA Journalism, MS Media Communications

Employment History

Live correspondent, CNN - Freelance writer, multiple news agencies and cortex feeds through the 'verse

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Deliberate elegance is the only phrase that can instantly describe this small woman's beauty. She stands around five feet tall and looks to be no more than one-hundred pounds. However, despite her diminutive stature her presence is still often-times commanding. Her complexion is peaches and cream with a faint smattering of pale freckles lightly sprinkled across it. Cascades of gleaming red waves tumble in curls down her back, ending just below her hips. Her curls are streaked with strands of copper and strawberry highlights and darker shades of auburn and even crimson mixed throughout. When she moves her head, the ringlets dance, revealing colors reminiscent of flames flickering in the night as the curls tumble around her face. Hazel eyes peer from a face of unparalleled beauty; high, chiseled cheekbones are covered with a delicate rosy flush; a tiny nose with the hint of a curve is covered with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips that appear to be as velvety soft as rosebuds are the woman's most striking elements. The classical beauty of her face pales in comparison however to the depths and sparkle of her bright eyes. Deep hazel orbs with flecks of emerald and gold, they stare intently, her discerning gaze always looking for the truth.
The petite woman's jewelry reveals her taste, all of it classic yet elegant. A discrete pair of diamond studs glitter at each earlobe and a matching diamond tennis bracelet adorns her right wrist, a perfect compliment to the diamond-accented gold wrist-watch that she wears upon her left. An emerald cut diamond solitaire dangles from a thin gold chain, dancing in the hollow of her throat as she moves. A faint trace of expensive perfume wafts through the air around her, enrobing her in a distinctive scent of citrus and herbs, the complex scent of meyer lemons, key limes, tangerines, grapefruit, cyprus, cilantro, and mint seeming almost natural upon her skin.


Lynne is kind and outgoing. When she's interviewing someone, it's as if she's never met a stranger. However, she's also rubbed elbows with a lot of nobility, members of parliament, politicians, and Alliance folks. She's tough as nails and hard to intimidate. She doesn't easily back down from something if she thinks there's a story in it to be found.
Lynne knows that history is written by the victors, and she intends to be the one doing the writing. She wants to leave her voice on the future through her record-keeping of the present. She's is a leader all the way. The only thing Lynne follows is a story's trail until she gets to the truth. Overall, she's fairly upright when it comes to morals, ethics, and integrity. She's driven by the truth which keeps her more honest than not. However, if she has to, she doesn't mind a bit of deception if it's needed on the way to finding that truth she's seeking.


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Family History

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Education and Employment History

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