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Full name Aisha "Aishe" Hearne
Date of Birth 16th February, 2506
Birthplace Romani Camp, Paquin
Parents Mihai and Fifika Hearne
Siblings Jakovi Hearne
  • Date of Birth: 12th January, 2503
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown ; Brown
Height and Weight 5'9"

145 lbs.

Status Active
Education Information

Officer's Academy, Londinium (2514-2523)

Military Service

Current: Alliance Reserves, 182nd Federals
Alliance Military: 1st Lieutenant, Ghost CO (Special Ops)
Alliance Military: 1st Lieutenant, Alpha Company XO

  • Reactived 29.07.2526
  • Discharged/Released 26.06.2525

Alliance Military, 1st Lieutenant (2524-2525)
Alliance Military, 2nd Lieutenant (2523-2524)

Employment History

Current: Special Commando Service (SCS), Captain
Current: Helios Grand Hotel (SCS), Owner
Concurrent: Romani Clans, Churara

Inside Her Mind

... she is remarkably sane. Many things seem to trigger her interest and curiosity, but she is sound in both mind and body. Capable of being almost venomously sarcastic to being surprisingly and almost innocently frank, it really depends on the mood of the moment. Though both of her parents are Romani, which makes her a full-blooded one at that, she feels that she only truly shares knowledge of the language rather than their beliefs and practices with them. Though she almost had an unhealthy loathing for the disorderly and disorganized, the first few months of civilian life worked towards curing that problem. Having been disillusioned rapidly after her discharge from the military, she now manages to survive in the new reality through sheer use of practicality and reason... along with tea and cinnamon toast.

The Annals of Aishe

Chapter 1: Romani Camp (2506)

Born two days after St. Valentine's Day, Aisha Hearne was the second child to a family of two clans, her mother hailing from the Paquin clan while her father came from the more progressive Ariel clan. In her younger years, she often was seen tagging along with her brother, the two seeming to have a close bond until she grew aware enough of her surroundings to realize that the Roma society was, to put it bluntly, blatantly sexist. Of course, it was a trader visiting Paquin that brought this to the attention of her young, impressionable mind, and so, she began to examine the society slowly, becoming more and more distrustful of their ways. As the end of her seventh year neared, she learned exactly how biased the society was with the arranged marriage between her older brother and her childhood friend. Months later by chance, while wallowing in self-pity for her future, she met a recruiter for some new project called "Officer's Academy" visiting Paquin's main spaceport. It was not long before she took the exams, passed them somehow, and found herself on the next flight to Londinium...

Chapter 2: Officer's Academy (2514-2523)

Arriving in Londinium, she was packed off to the Officer's Academy, a place were they decided that it would be best to start early in order to create superb officers, ones that knew the 'doctrine' well enough to obey it while maintaining a flexible outlook on various situations. The first task at the Academy, which had only been established a year previously, was to remove the Romani accent and 'bad habits' that had been acquired while learning the Chinese and English standard on Paquin. Though seemingly behind the rest of her class at first, through the passing years she was able to catch up to compete with some of the best of them, managing to consistently rank within the top 15% of her class. Mathematics, philosophy, ethics, history, language, composition was tied in daily with military training: strategy, recon methods, simulations, and the physical boot camp that lasted all nine years. With graduation came the awarding of their new positions within the military, like most graduates of standard Academy- the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Chapter 3: Alliance's Squid Platoon (2523-2525)

With her new post as leader of the platoon, the last second lieutenant unfortunate enough to encounter an ill-fated accident on Whitefall, the Squid Platoon had been reassigned to Regina to guard the many mining industries present on that planet. Most of the trouble at fist came from off-planet, her first operation to help an Outer Rim planet with a raider problem; the second a simple recovery mission from a dead freighter in space with the aid of IAV Centurian. Aside from a few other 'errands' for the platoon over the years, the Squid Platoon did not suffer losses in official combat. It was on the 24th of November, year 2524 that a distress beacon from a large mining complex on Regina was registered on Alliance sensors. Hostile takeover occurred somehow, and the Squid Platoon was to deal with it. Their response was quick, evacuation was relatively orderly given the circumstances, but the main problem was the hostage situation, some members of an investigation committee from Parliament being among them. It is still unknown as to what caused the explosion, but an explosion did occur, leading to the death of 20 hostiles, 26 miners, and 2 committee members, the third son of Marquis Feranz being among the losses.

Though records show that the Alliance was not the direct cause of the explosion, the noble family related to the event through the loss of their son did have a problem with the death occurring in an area that was under the "Alliance's watchful eye". With a third of the Parliament under their sway, they managed to win a hearing with a lacy murder charge. Unsurprisingly, she was found to be not guilty quite rapidly, but since the family's influence held enough power to hamper the military's efforts in trying to obtain more annual funding, her superiors suggested that she remove herself from active duty. She refused. They awarded with a discharge, no medical waiver and without honors.

Chapter 4: Civilian Life (2525-2526)

Though news of pirates ruffling the Romani Kingdom's feathers had spread like wildfire over the Cortex, the depression that Aishe went through led her through a period of isolation from the outside world. That lasted until the turn of the New Year, mainly because she realized that the amount she had saved over the years while serving the Alliance had been meager, and she assumed that running back to her parents and the Romani would prove more laughable than actually practical. Most Romani married young... and went through some rite of passage that she would hardly be able to name even if her life were on the line. With that being fact, she first tried to see who might hire her despite having the large black mark on her official resume. Not many legal outfits were willing to risk it on the Core Planets, which led to her relocating on Persephone. While surfing the online Cortex there, she came across the pop-up advertisement "Eat Some Frosty O's, Support the Commonwealth Cause". More on whim, she sent a text-only wave to the minuscule account listed on the corner of the advertisement, curious as to what might happen.

Chapter 5: Baxtalo Chor - The Multipurpose Secretary (March 2526 - July 2526)

Where Pali managed to find her, no one really knows or is willing to admit, but the story often involved her being rescued by the man when she was undergoing a series of adversities in light of the Alliance discharge. Introduced to the public as his secretary, she first served him officially during the Kris meeting on Paquin, during which her employer along with those who would become the leadership of the Baxtalo Chor took an early leave of the conference, leaving the new secretary behind to document the details accordingly. Being from the Ariel clan, she was a stranger to those present, meeting the elders and other influential figures there for the first time. Due to her unique working relationship with the organization, she was paid on a per job basis, each task proving to be a separate contract. To her employer, she remained faithful perhaps to a fault. Contracts varying from simply gathering more interest in Baxtalo Chor's cargo to acting as a bodyguard and managing touchy political and diplomatic situations, she was jokingly dubbed as the man's damage control by those who knew him well. Soon becoming known as another person to contact when inquiring after the Baxtalo Chor and the economic opportunities it offered, she also was able to extend her network of contacts. Notable individuals included Ms. Takamoto of Red Lion Industries, in which she found a friendly rivalry of sorts -- but that soon solidified into a unique friendship. Mr. Fist of Steel Dragon Shipyards also became a kind of mentor figure in some ways, though their relationship is more related to philosophical conversation and good company. Within the crew of the Jia, Captain McGuire proved to be a very courteous in his dealings with Aisha, able to separate the woman from the man who employed her.

However, all things come to an end, and that was how her service to the organization terminated. Pali's involvement with the Pirate Commonwealth led to a bounty being publicly placed on his head and what Aisha felt to be a betrayal on Pali's part concerning her reputation, working relationship, and friendship with him led her to resign from the Baxtalo Chor abruptly, the Romani last seen exiting the ship with her things.

Chapter 6: Return to the Alliance (August 2526 - October 2526)

To put it bluntly, she was assigned to serve under the wrong major. From the first few minutes of their initial meeting, the two women's ideas concerning the Alliance's reputation and the mechanics behind the machine that was the organization were shown to be on opposite poles of the spectrum. Due to the heavy losses suffered by the 63rd division at the Battle of Three Hills, the latest clash of the Alliance Military with the Pirate Commonwealth, the division abruptly underwent a radical change in terms of ranking and the command tree. This allowed for Major Quinn's request for a transfer of her new XO to pass without much debate, sending Aisha to serve under the controversial major's lover of the time, Major Calhoun. It did not take the returning lieutenant much time to realize that she had sorely miscalculated the lack of what she deemed to be "professional behavior" in the military, having first decided to return to the service after a fateful meeting with Commander Wong when she had been renewing her weapons' license. This, along with suspicions raised by Major Quinn and her sources concerning the Romani officer's character and loyalty, led Aisha to prepare for her own speedy removal from the military.

However, this was unexpectedly delayed with the appearance of a returning officer, Lieutenant Commander O'Kelly, the very same officer who had trained her class at the Academy. As soon as he found himself recommissioned on the IAV Temperance, Aisha began to feel more comfortable, finding someone else who shared her rather strict view of what the military ought to resemble. As tensions with Major Quinn and Major Calhoun increased due to what she saw has woefully neglectful decisions and embarrassing behavior on their part, the young officer soon found herself placed directly under O'Kelly as commander of a special ops unit. Sadly, she did not even have enough time to officially finalize the selection of enlisted for the unit before the filed case by Major Quinn reached an inconclusive yet wary conclusion, which removed her from the active ranks of the Alliance Military and into the reserves.

Chapter 7: The Roma and Shadowdancer (October 2526 - June 2527)

With a wonderfully unceremonious return to the status of a civilian, Aisha was not long without a job, soon hitched to the Shadowdancer and listed as their secondary pilot. Still maintaining her connection with O'Kelly, the relationship returning to what it was before his reinstatement, she continued to meet with him regularly. Expanding her horizons, she even went so far as to visit Paquin to offer her apologies to the Kris for matters of which she had been enlightened during her second service with the Alliance. Taking the opportunity to make amends for her past actions, she traveled widely on several tasks given to her by the Kris, still carrying some of the responsibility that she had shouldered while having the Alliance name tagged beside hers. It was during this time that she began to visit Steel Dragon Shipyards more frequently as well as Osiris, for reasons unknown to most.

But, like most things, her tour with the Shadowdancer began to grow more tension-filled despite the ease with which she had handled the professional relationships of the organizations. As she began to attend the monthly Kris meetings with more frequency, she seemed to drift apart from the ship's crew. Early May left her at low point in her private life, fears and suspicions becoming concrete as well as a shocking revelation. To those who knew her well, her resignation and movement to the mercenary group, Special Commando Service, was not much of a surprise, her public announcement a small one:

"There was a difference in work ethic, and my opinion was in the minority of command. I do not wish to speak ill of the organization who once treated me well. All I can say is that I apologize for not doing my research properly."

Without much ceremony, she processed the transfer of her services, granting herself the freedom to not only aid in representing the returning mercenary group of Mr. Desera but also allow for the strengthening bonds with the Romani to continue.

Chapter 8: Special Commando Service (June 2527 - Current)

Decreasing the number of organizations with which she had been working always was a good idea, especially since she set her goals and efforts upon a new target: managing a fluency in the more common languages encountered in the 'verse. Already finding a teacher in Mrs. Ashley-Babbage for her attempts at French, Aisha began to further the abilities which she had visited Red Lion Industries and one specific Mr. Rhys to acquire.

Most Recent Events

  • October 2527: Purchased the Helios Grand Hotel and shares ownership with the rest of the Special Commando Service, serving as the hotel's CEO and manager.
  • November 2527: Seemingly disappeared from the public eye, spotted rarely if at all by those who knew her.
  • August 2528: Spotted on Persephone and soon at the usual haunts with her return to civilization.

The Wild Rumors

  • Loosely held a secretarial position that is related to a Mr. Tshilaba and an organization known to some as the Baxtalo Chor before the Pirate Commonwealth placed a bounty on his head.
  • Supposedly, she is one of the few Romani officers in the Alliance Military. Able to separate duty from friendship, she treats those under her with the respect with which she would like to be treated. An idealist, she believes that an officer is supposed to be a role model for the soldiers under his or her command.
  • Not lost to those in the Alliance Military, there is known disquiet between Lieutenant Hearne and Major Quinn. Even on a professional level, their relationship is best described as strained.
  • She seems to also maintain that 'contracting secretary' reputation as she might be found representing the interests of many different organizations, taking on their name and cause if deemed necessary.

Random Trivia

  • She has 'moody eyes', those that change with emotion. Though the base is always a light brown, a serpent green can ring the pupil or gold rays can radiate outwards.
  • She is Romani and can speak the language, Romanes, fluently.
  • More for personal reasons, she also seems to understand Gaelic, but will only speak it to a select few unless diplomacy requires its use.
  • To the surprise of many, she speaks Chinese and English like a native speaker would.
  • She is lactose intolerant and suffers from nightmares consisting of French pastries sprouting arms and legs, along with eyes and squealing mouths, to force-feed her with themselves.
  • When drunk, she loses her Londinium-educated speech pattern and slips into a dialect more commonly found on the Border Planets.
  • She was raised Roman Catholic.

The Abridged Life - A Gallery

OOC Information: RP Hooks

  • As the player, I am completely open to having characters know her from pre-BG experience in the Alliance, from either the academy or her actual service years. Just page me when I am online and run the idea by me first.
  • As rumors mention, she is known for representing different organizations when they require aid. She can be reached easily by +wave if a mediator or diplomatic person is required.
  • If you have any other ideas and just want to create a hook in order to RP, I am fine with that too. Just page, as mentioned above.