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Full name Aife Tregarian Fawzy
Date of Birth UKN
Parents Mother: Eyleen McCarthy

Father: William Tregarian

Siblings All the children of the clan.
Spouse Count Salin Fawzy
Assignment Director of Security, UDC
Specialization Demolitions
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'7", 131lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • UKN
Military Service
  • Suspected Browncoat Captain


Aife's hair lies down her back in a shimmering rope of ebony that swings gracefully as she moves. Wisps of hair frame her face in shadow. Her eyes are shuttered from within, their depth only to be guessed at. The eyes themselves are a deep sapphire blue, outlined by a thin ring of midnight and flickering with silver highlights. Her skin glows with an olive and rose smoothness, high cheekbones underscoring the blue of her eyes. Her lips are a fine, perfect bow that glisten the red of rubies or cherries, though the coloring seems entirely natural, rather than be design.

She wears a soft crimson cotton t-shirt that hugs her form with a casual intimacy. The slightly rounded neckline is edged in ribbed cotton that stretches nicely to accent her curves. The sleeves of the shirt run down her arms, hanging a little loosely at her wrists. The shirt has a pocket over the left breast that is partially opened due to the curve of her figure. The black fabric nips in at the waist, shadowing her firm stomach and is tucked into the waistline of her jeans.

About her waist, she wears a black leather utility belt with a pistol holster over one hip. The jeans themselves are button fly and are of dark brown denim. They sheath the length of her legs and hug her hips tightly. These, in turn, are tucked into the tops of black leather boots that lace up the front. Over all of this, Aife wears a brown leather coat. The leather falls to the back of her thighs, shadowing the movement of her legs. She leaves the coat unbuttoned so that the occasional breeze catches it, blowing it back from her form.

Back Story

(Just as an FYI, everything in this was approved by Mal and Inara ages ago. I just was lazy and didn't update the text until now.)


Aife was born on a colony settled on one of Harmony's moons. The moon is called Tiberius Colony in the Alliance databases, though the inhabitants named it Brigid's Hope. Her clan holdings are mountainous, with only limited growing area. One faction of the clan raised sheep and goats, blending their respective pelts into an angora/wool blend that is both soft and warm. These were exported to the other clans of Brigid's Hope for food and other necessities until the War. Then, the Alliance took the herds to supply their military with uniforms and meat. The other side of the clan grew coffee in the high lands. This coffee was; for a time, the best in the 'Verse. It was the toast of high society and very exclusive restaurants. Never in large supply, it was expensive to purchase but always delightful to drink. Then, without warning, the supply dried up and the company; Brigid's Hope Coffee, folded leaving no real trace. The beans still in circulation or in private collections sold for higher and higher prices until the final bag went for more than an equivalent amount of gold. Now, if it is considered at all, the coffee is more legend than memory.

The clans contribute raw metals to pay the Moon's taxes as well as in tithe to the Banrigh-Tuatha (Baroness, ordained by the Tuatha (Yes, I made this up.)) The clan structure is matriarchal with the oldest female of the clan named Clan Leader. When Aife's grandmother passed, the title fell to her. As she was off being the XO for the Dark Dragon at the time, she assigned her younger brother to stand in her stead. This caused a greater rift within the clans and ultimately led to civil strife that Aife had to put down. During the conflict, the coffee producing lands were burned and her younger brother; the horticulturalist who developed the different strains of coffee in the first place, went missing.

Early years:

Her early life was carefree and wild, running with the other clan children all over the territory playing and gathering wild berries. She learned to milk a goat, to recognize edible plants, and to ride a horse. When she reached her tenth year, she joined the other older children in seeking a trade. After spending time with each of the craft masters, Aife chose mining as her future. As she was tall for her age, slender and wiry, she was chosen to learn to set charges for one such as she could wriggle into and out of small holes in stone tunnels. She took to it like a fish to water and was soon the clan's most accomplished blasting expert.

The War Years:

When the Alliance stole the herd from the low-land tribes, Aife helped repel them from the heights. At the time, the moon was not strategically viable for the Alliance, so they did not push it. She joined up with the Independent Army a year before she was strictly eligible and rose through the ranks to that of Captain fairly fast. Her talent for demolitions was put to good use and she was given the codename Geist. This was mutated to Ghost, Phantom and Night Terror as time passed. She was paired with a combat medic named Rylos Starke. He watched her back and kept her patched up while she destroyed communications relays, command posts, troop transports. She left no witnesses and so; perhaps naturally, was assumed to be male by the Alliance brass. The only assignment she was unable to fulfill was to kill Salin Fawzy, an equally up and coming force in the Alliance military. As she reported to her supervisors, the man had the luck and skill of the devil. Still, she became a legend for some of the Alliance soldiers for they never knew whether their post or transport would be targeted next. Her assignments as Night Terror were more gruesome, but equally effective. She was to sneak into any forward camp she came across after lights out and kill every alternate soldier as they slept and leave no mark visible on the bodies. She accomplished this by guile and stealth. (If anyone is curious about it, ask.)

She was finally caught, though none of the Alliance believed that she could really be Ghost/Geist/Phantom. They thought that Rylos was the demolitions genius. Both were sent to Penderghast Prison Camp. Penderghast was run by Dr. Izayah Penderghast, a surgeon and pain management specialist. He was responsible for the development of a number of revolutionary pain management techniques and drugs that gave the Alliance military an interesting edge and the Alliance citizens wonder drugs. Much of the current research into pain management is still based on his work and his estate maintains patents on a large number of drugs. What was not known; even to many in the Alliance, was that he had built a laboratory beneath the prison camp. His life's work was pain control, but he could not continue with his research without people in pain to experiment on. Rather than turn the prisoners to the Alliance's cause, he made sure that he had plenty of people for his research.

When it was Aife's 'turn' to go below and she found out what was going on, she refused to give him the satisfaction of making her scream. Since he based pain measurements on the moment a scream is involuntarily released, Penderghast was intrigued and stopped using anyone else for his research. He kept her as his research subject from the time she entered until she blew the place to hell during one of Salin Fawzy's inspections. Sort of ruined their day. Rylos stole a troop transport and the surviving prisoners escaped in the confusion caused by the blast. During the course of the experiments, Aife gained horrendous scars across her back from her shoulders to her upper thighs and was ruined within to such a degree that having children was no longer possible. As the outer scars healed, they impeded her motion, though she worked to minimize this.

After the War

After the war, she spent time in a rehabilitation camp, but the lessons; naturally, did not stick. She was told by many an Alliance trained doctor that the damage done to her was permanent and she stopped seeking help when she overheard one doctor tell an orderly to let 'him' know that 'the patient he wanted to see' was in the office. Fear and paranoia ruled the day and she believed that; while she had thought that Penderghast had died during the explosion, he was still alive and looking for her. She stopped seeing doctors and her medical record was not updated for several years. For Penderghast, the trail went cold.

She bounced from place to place, from ship to ship for several years then and Rylos stuck with her through it all. Finally, she was hired onto the Dark Dragon by Captain Sinklar Fist as a member of the security team. Rylos, although an alcoholic, was still a brilliant doctor and was hired as ship's physician. The relationship that the two had started during the heat of battle lasted for several more years. Then, he vanished one day. Aife went crazy for a time, searching for him everywhere. Sink and the crew of the Dragon helped her and they finally found him. He had been involved in a major shuttle accident. Struck on the head, he lost his memory of everything that had gone before, including Aife and the war. He married an ex-Companion who found him in the wreckage. When Aife and Sink finally saw him, he seemed happy. Something that was unusual for him on the Dragon. When the woman called her child, it was clear that Rylos was the father. Aife and Sink left without letting them know they were there. She mourned him for a long time.

Sink was a good man who also served in the Independent Army. He gave Aife a chance; purpose, and she will never forget that. She rose within the ranks of the crew until she became the XO of the ship. Around the second or third year that she served on the Dragon, the land she was custodian of back home began producing profit. The coffee was spectacular, named the best in the 'Verse by several renowned critics and the clan began sending her a monthly care package. Typically, this contained some fresh food, but always had coffee. She shared this bounty; including the coffee, with the crew of the Dragon. Sink was almost always given a small bag of his own as a token of her respect and love for the man who gave her a home and family.

(I am having a little trouble remembering the sequence of events during this time. If I get it wrong and you happen to know, please send an @mail and I will fix it. Aife's been on the game for a long time and her history is rather violent.)

More coming Soon!

Random Logs

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