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The Age of Origin TP''
...lets go back to the beginning shall we?

Started August 20th, 2012, this is a gridwide plot based out of the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital centered around a mysterious illness and the race to find a cure...before life itself tries to go back to the beginning.

Watch bboards 3 (RP Events and Information), 4 (IC Rumors), and 5 (Cortex (IC) ) for cheat sheets, word of mouth issues, and updates that will help everybody through this plot. Last but not least, I ask that everybody: * Play nice folks <-- This means oocly of course. You don't have to be a saint icly, but always be willing to discuss and work through things BEFORE you blow up oocly. Lots of scenes can be emotionally charged and just like being an 'actor' playing a 'character' you can sometimes get lost in it. If there's a disagreement of some sorts about the way somebody is interpreting a plot point or attempting something illogical and beyond their sheet capacity...etc? Then please poke a staffer to come a mediate, they will make a unbiased and impartial judgement or call based on policy, sheet, or whatever is necessary. I want you all to have fun with this plot, not create new grudges and make new ooc enemies.

So the new storyline Age of Origin has begun, have fun! Please post logs related to this plot on the wiki page, every log posted gives me the opportunity to give those involved 1XP, so let me know if you have logs posted. Remember any questions you can page or @mail me, Dobson.



People are coming down with an unusual...sickness involving a unique rash and irrational behavior. Doctors have never seen anything like this before and are now being looked to along with scientists, medical professionals, historians, botanists and etc for answers. Humans have always thought that humanity will evolve over time and have made preparations for such progress and set goals and expectations. But...did they ever consider they've reached their pincacle...and the only way to backwards?


There are individuals who have volunteered to be victims, there are friends and crew members of the volunteers, there are the staff of the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital (PCS and NPCS), lots of random NPCS, ships and crews who may not be infected but wish to bring assistance in some way, visitors who come to see those who are infected before there's any suspicion of it being contagious...etc. If you want to be involved in this plot, I'm pretty sure I can find a way to include you.


Officially starting August 20th and ending...most probably the 31st of August, but hey I've learned to expect the unexpected.


Derrial Book Memorial Hospital on Persephone. From the Persephone Space Port just go: S, SW, DBM. If you're landing a ship, you can do so on the Emergency Helio Pad - Derrial Book Memorial Hospital, you should see it from space. I hope. Or you can land in the space port and walk. As the plot progresses however, it'll be a good idea to be closer to the hospital.


To create an antagonist that isn't a physical being or a target town. To create a challenge that will require more than just shooting your way out of a situation, but to have to think and work with others. Also to give folks a 'what if' experience with their own characters.


This is a Medium-High danger level plot which means I am not creating situations to lead to PC death, but the risk of injury or physical trauma is higher. Also, ICA=ICC (in character actions = in character consequences), if you attack somebody with a knife, expect them to fight back...etc. The +attack code will be used, but without damage unless staff tells you to do so.

Remember, you are NOT dealing with Reavers. You are NOT a Reaver. Canabalism is NOT a sign or symptom associated with his plot and the virus. If a member of your crew or somebody tries to eat you, then you probably should shoot them and run. Pax? Might be mentioned as people try to figure this out, but it isn't related to that in any direct way. However...people may try to bite you and may bite, but no eating.

The Chronicles of The TP (Logs)

All logs related to this TP whether they be staff run or not, will be linked to in this area so other folks can enjoy them all with you. Please NO Tinysex scenes in these logs, we don't need THAT much information.

Chapter One - In the beginning...

Age of Origin TP Log - Reporters and Tranqs - Zachary, Sushmita, Ethan, NPCs - Aug 20th, 2012 (PG - 13)

Fight, Fuck, Eat - Wulver Crew - Aug 20th, 2012 (R)

Raging Lover - Selene and Kirsten - Aug 20th, 2012 (PG - 13)

Harem Building 101 - Russell, Carmen, Clancy, Murphy, Revjak, Sanyu (NPCs) - Aug 20th, 2012 (PG - 13)

You Saw That Picture - Aife, Cody and Evangeline - Aug. 20, 2012

Age of Origin TP Log - Its In The Blood - Zachary, Sushmita, Dr Teana Leeford (NPC), NPCs) - Aug 21st, 2012

A meeting of minds - (Amaya, Billy Bedlam, Jacobs, Sushmita, Zachary) August 25, 01:15:28 AM

TP Cheat Sheets

These are write up and lists of details that will help guide your RP so that you don't have to make up information and that everybody is on the same page. Each category is to help folks along and as new questions arise, new information will go in them. Just a quick reference for those who may have lost an @mail or forgotten something.

Victim Cheat Sheet
Patients Information

Here's a cheat sheet to help guide you through your regression and to give you some RP ideas as well. It'll officially start on Monday and progress throughout the week to give folks time to RP without feeling rushed. If you've got a constitution lower than 35, then each phase should last 1-2 IC days (realistically) if it is above 35, then it may take longer. If you think your character might be more sensitive to things due to having a weak immune system, you are welcome to have it progress more rapidly.

  • You have a rash that you didn't have before.
  • You have a bit of a headache and feel warmer than normal
  • Severe craving for iron rich proteins such as Red Meat and also strangely enough Dairy Products

<--- Things that may be uncomfortable but cause no real concern.

  • Your consumption of more complex dishes creates some odd digestive disturbances and discomfort. Complex means...fancy gourmet, lots of dairy, lots of spices.
  • Your emotional responses to the simplest of situations start to be out of the norm, more aggressive and irrational.
  • Your speech patterns start to become more monosyllabic.

<--- Something that may begin to cause concern amongst your loved ones and/or crew.

  • You want MEAT. You want your TEDDY BEAR! And you want it NOW! You will lose that self-control that keeps you from just taking what you want or saying what's on your mind.
  • You are upset, angry, scared, disappointed...or maybe even just happy and find yourself breaking, bending, bruising, damaging property or even people as you lash out.
  • Introduce the increased body hair (longer hair for females, if they want more body hair they are welcome to RP it)

<---Okay, by this time there will be enough cases for folks probably to TRY to restrain you or send you to a doctor...confine you to quarters, whatever works to help your RP. Remember, get to the Book Memorial Hospital.

This should be enough to start with at least. Yes, be raaartastic with your aggression and your cases of unnatural libidinousness and your doing crazy stuff like trying to hunt the rats on your ship or claim a space as your own territory. Just remember, you are NOT Reavers, so no eating people's faces and blaming it on bath salts. Also, this disease is starting out contagious only through contact with bodily fluids. It will eventually become airborne or something as folks try to figure out HOW it is spreading. Last but not least, ICA=ICC, if you take action and try to eat somebody's hand and your own crew mate decides to shoot you in the'll have that taken care of yes at the hospital or by a doctor but that type of damage cannot be ignored or handwaved. The disease will not leave permanent damage, and no PCs will die. @Mail Dobson for more details, any questions, or if you'd like to also be infected.

Medical Professional Cheat Sheet
Doctors Information

When your patients begin arriving or you examine them, the medical community in fictional settings is set up so that you'd have access to or hear of similar cases popping up in Book Memorial Hospital. It'll officially start on Monday and progress throughout the week to give folks time to RP without feeling rushed. As a doctor, if you'll be dealing with the patients directly...if your constitution is below 35, then you'll need to do a +chance if your character has somehow been potentially infected. (Patient bit you and broke the skin, your gloves ripped during sewing up a patient's wound, you break a vial of blood...etc) If your constitution is higher than 35, you get to do 3 +chance rolls, if 2 out of three are're still safe. If 2 out of three are...failures...then you've been infected.

Symptoms you'll be seeing:

  • Meningitis like swelling of the brain
  • Fevers
  • Unexplainable pox like rash
  • Escalating Hormonal Imbalances resulting in emotional instability
  • Increased Aggression and Libidinousness in adults (...just means uh...horniness)
  • Increased White Blood Cell count
  • Lowered Red Blood Cell count

Blood tests will initially reveal what seems to be a bacterial infection, but individuals who have experience with Virology and such, will note that there's something off about these readings and are welcome to take time to do further research. Off the bat, results would reflect some type of...severe meningitus just mysteriously without the expected debilitating side effects of the normal disease.

Whatever treatments you choose to use on a patient, both PCs and NPCs can either retard the regression temporarily, accidentally speed up the regression or have no affect at all. If you'd like to do rolls, have ideas, think of're welcome to @mail me and discuss it amongst your peers.

IC News Posts

As things happen, things will be posted on various +bboards that count as breaking and important news. Good idea to watch those boards but also keeping a archive here as well.

TP News Posts
Date Post
Aug 19th, Daughter Attacks Father On Persephone "Hello, I'm DJ Phalange and I'm coming at you straight from the Per Se Phoney you the freshest and dope reality tracks from what's going on! *clears throat, voice goes to a posh...Londinium accent* Ahem, what I mean is, I am Dr Mercer Phalange and I am giving you an update on a rather fasinating incident involving a young 13 year girl <Picture of little cherubic girl with freckles and pigtails and a sweet smile> viciously attacking her father during a Father/Daughter trip to a local eatery on Persephone. I warn you, the video footage caught by a fellow customer is...quite graphic."

<Father and Daughter sitting at a table as the Daddy adds some more chocolate chips to cream cone and chuckles> Daddy: Now now sweetie...I know you wish your mother was here...but I think she'd be proud of you. Your first c-corset...and all. Daughter:Nng Daddy:Is everything alright sweetie? Can I get you something else?" *Leans forward to peer at the ice cream and offer the girl half a hug* Daughter: NO WANT STUPID CORSET WANT MOOOOMMYYYYYY! *Slams an elbow into the poor man's nose, stabs him in the eye with the ice cream cone* <Video Pans Out as man falls off his seat in shock, girl picks up chair and slams it over her fallen father then hops on the table and screams! Then...there's some static and the vid cuts out.

"...Dayum...what the hell was that, that girl on some serious-*clears throat, returns to poshness* Ahem, what I mean...the rather sudden and shocking paternal attack was quickly broken up and while struggling the young woman was sedated and along with her father transported to Book Memorial Hospital.

Some critics, like the renowned Psychotic-Psychological-Psycho..uh, the therapist Dr Gregory Nutella, who have reviewed the video are suggesting some type of psychotic break down, seeing as she's gone through the shock of losing her mother in a freak shuttle accident not even two weeks ago. The post traumatic stress may have gotten to her in such a way to cause lash out towards the individual attempting her mind 'replace' her mother."

"But Dr Nutella's explanation leaves many unsatisfied...according to the shop owner, Henrietta Fluths, "...the damn girl maybe weighed 60 pounds if wet and was just past being hip high on most folks, how the hell that lil' monster needed 4 men to pin her down before they could tranq her skinny lil' ass? You say its cuz she misses her mommy? Well hell, I miss my mama too, but I don't turn into a she-demon and try to eat my own pa cuz he's bought me an ice cream cone. Get her a priest and if its just a teenage thang then do like I do to my boys when they get outta hand...just spay her.""

"...what the...So for now, both father and daughter have been hospitalized, the father is in critical condition but doctors believe he'll pull through. Doctors are not being forthcoming about what specific treatments are being used on the child, but they will say...teenagers will be teenagers and this may be more a legal and psychiatric concern, so she will be released within a couple of days. Dr Phalange signing out, remember we keep it fresh yo!"

Aug 20th, Four More Cases At Book Hospital There have been four more cases of patients who have been admitted to the Book Memorial Hospital on Persephone due to having similar and peculiar symptoms...much like the same symptoms that the young teenage girl who was admitted a few days ago displayed:Excessively violent tendencies and an odd rash. Doctors have said that there is no need to panic, it is simply a meningitis bacterial infection and hormone imbalances and with the proper medication and treatments, the patients should be on their way to recovery. The rashes indicate they may have all at one point consumed or ingested some type of contaminated food products...that could have triggered allergic reactions in them all seeing as all patients seem to have a low red blood cell count. Perhaps an iron deficiency has made them more sensitive or susceptible. Doctors and medical professionals are being invited to come and study these fascinating cases because they are so similar. It is not an epidemic, just a simple case of coincidence. Beyond this, doctors are not commenting and encourage the public to wash their vegetables, make sure their meat is cooked and that their dairy products and eggs are not expired. (OOC: You are welcome to start coming to the Book if you like with concerns if you've noticed these similar symptoms in yourself or a loved or or something like that)
Aug 20th, Kid Shot At Book Memorial Yo! This is DJ Phalange and I got the true dish from Per Se Phoney. All the stuff they don't want us to know. Duuuude we got som-*clears throat, insert posh accent here*Ahem...I am Dr Mercer Phalange and I'm giving a breaking news report, concerning the weird stuff-err...the mysterious events taking place on the planet leading to several people being hospitalized. What's going on? Hell...NOBODY wants us to know but one of my peeps-I mean my associates got some very telling footage from the Book Memorial Hospital earlier today.

<A small man with a flame like rash on the side of his face that has obviously spread to cover half of his face, hanging on some female doctor's arm, growling and yelling about needing meat as he cries and refuses to let go...then he's 'shot' and hits the floor, bleeding from his chest>

That's right people, they shot this child and all he wanted was some meat and his mama. They won't let us back in there as reporters and they even made some really mean looking folks kick us out. <Showing a Snapped Picture of a man standing about 6'4 looking very very intimidating as he stands pretty close to whoever took the the background they are wheeling the body of the 'shot kid' away> You can't silence the truth! They say there's nothing wrong and there's no need to worry then why are folks being shot and they won't answer any questions? Whatever yo-I mean, preposterous! This is Doctor DJ Phalange and keep it here, for more updates on what's REALLY going on in the medical community. (OOC: You can look into this if you like, there is a chance that this is a false report as well...questionable details but hey, its underground news, @mail Dobson for more info)

Aug 20th, Statement From Book Hospital Outside the main entrance to the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital Eavesdown, Dr. Zachary MacAbrams stands behind a small wooden podium with a bank of microphones. He is wearing a dark gray suit with a pale blue dress shirt and navy blue tie. "Good afternoon," he says somberly to the faint clicking of cameras and the noises of other people chattering in hushed voices. When he begins, the voices fall silent. "Earlier today, we admitted a patient suffering from an acute rash on the side of his face. We are conducting tests to determine the nature of this rash, but we believe that it is not a life-threatening condition. While in the lobby of the hospital, this patient, apparently under some severe mental agitation, attempted to assault our Head of Medical Research, Dr. Sushmita Khan, who was attempting to assess his condition. Dr. Khan and I attempted to calm the patient without success. At that point, one of our guards, believing that the patient posed a danger to Dr. Khan, used a standard tranquilizer pistol to subdue the patient. Hospital staff immediately secured and moved the patient to one of our emergency rooms for examination and further testing to determine the exact nature of his injuries.

"An initial report by an unidentified journalist at the scene implies that the patient suffered a gunshot wound. This is incorrect. The patient was bleeding before our guard fired the tranquilizer from behind the patient. I saw the blood. Examination has revealed that he scratched his own chest until bleeding occurred, apparently in an attempt to relieve itching from the rash that has spread over much of his body. He is under sedation for his own protection."

"We urge all residents of Persephone to take standard hygienic precautions: wash and boil your vegetables, wash and peel your fruit before eating it, cook meats thoroughly, and avoid dairy products that are not entirely fresh. If you need medical attention, or know someone who does, please contact your doctor, or if you are in the Eavesdown district on Persephone, visit the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital. Thank you." Dr. MacAbrams steps away from the podium and into the hospital a mid a whirr of cameras and babble of reporters discussing the announcement among themselves.

Aug 21st, 2012, Public Health and Safety Announcement Hello, this is just a public service announcement. The Derrial Book Memorial hospital would like anybody who's displaying the following symptoms:
  • Strange flame shaped rash
  • Irrational Behavior
  • Odd Blood Cell Readings
  • Craving for proteins and dairy products
  • Fever please report, transfer, or make your way to the Book Memorial Hospital on Persephone. If you haven't left Persephone and are suffering or traveling with somebody who is suffering or displaying these symptoms, please do not leave the planet, just report to the Book Memorial Hospital. We'd like to encourage anybody displaying these symptoms, which seem to start with the strange flame shaped rash which spreads to refrain from sharing food with others, copulation and doing anything in which bodily fluids or blood can be exchanged. There is no reason to panic. - We are also asking all doctors of hematology, neurology, virology, and nutrition to come to the Book Memorial Hospital...along with any other medical and security personnel who believe they can be of assistance. Again, there is no reason to panic, please remain calm. And if you are uncertain about if you may or may not have been exposed to this strange illness, please come by the hospital for a physical. We also need to order 100 pounds of beef and 200 gallons of milk from all suppliers who are NOT located on Persephone. Please do not send the whole cow. (OOC: @mail Dobson for details, with questions and etc)