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Aeron Glenmorangie
Full name Aeron Ciaran Glenmorangie-Torres
Date of Birth October 31, 2507
Birthplace Jiangyin
Parents Poor Dumb SOB's that are better off now that they're gone
Siblings More than she could count, but she made herself forget their names as they disappeared one by one

- Templeton Kenneth Torres, via common law. Though he'd likely balk and run if he ever realizes it.
- Not only didn't he balk, but on September 19, 2535 they eloped, and he made an honest woman out of her after all.


- An entire den of Lions, and a few wolves as well.
- Step-daughter: Cassandra Torres

Assignment Shepherd, Peagan and Occult
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Firey Red, Kaleidoscope
Height and Weight 4'7" 87 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

Self Educated in the school of hard knocks

Employment History

She gets by however she can, usually depending upon the kindness of strangers and karma

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Poor nutrition and a rough life on the outer planets means this young woman never made it very far in the growth department. Hovering someplace between four and a half to four and three-quarter feet on a very slender frame the woman has a very waifish figure, oftentimes mistaken still for a child until one takes in the depths of wisdom held within her kaleidoscope eyes. Sparkling orbs swirl from earthy browns to stoney greys to emerald greens to water blues to gemstone violets and back again as her gaze roams. Her eyes are set within a face of remarkable beauty, rivaled by the Renaissance masters of the Earth-what-Was. High, chiseled cheekbones are covered with a delicate rosy flush; a tiny nose with the hint of a curve is covered with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips that appear to be as velvety soft as rosebuds are the woman's most striking elements.

Cascades of gleaming auburn waves tumble in curls down her back, long enough to reach her hips as they fall from the cord of leather she has wrapped at the nape of her neck to contain the silken strands. Her hair is streaked with strands of gold and strawberry highlights and darker shades of burgundy and even crimson are mixed throughout. When she moves her head, the auburn waves dance down her back, revealing colors reminiscent of flames flickering in the night and errant wisps escape to tumble around her face.


I believe in karma, and that what goes around will surely come back around, just like night follows day. Whatever you send out into the black is gonna come back to you, and more likely ten-fold than three. So while I might think awful-poorly of a lot of folk out there, I sure try as hard as I can not to act it, or even speak it. Despite a very sharp mind, I'm more likely to both speak and act simply, growing up and living on the outer rim it's easier to blend in and seem a little slow than to stand out.

I tend to keep quiet and stick to myself as much as is possible. I don't mind giving people the impression that there's something a little bit strange or off about me, as it keeps them away, and that tends to keep me safe. I don't tend to have much in life, usually because I tend to give away any extra that I come across to those who have less. If you don't hold onto it, it can't be taken from you, and it's better to give of it freely than have it taken by force. Can't be taken advantage of when it's already been gratefully given.

According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Aeron is an ISFJ, commonly known as Guardians.

Aeron's Typology Scores
Introverted: 82% Sensing: 59% Feeling: 75% Judging: 91%
Extraverted: 18% iNtuitive: 41% Thinking: 25% Perceiving: 09%

According to Myers-Briggs, ISFJs are interested in maintaining order and harmony in every aspect of their lives. They are steadfast and meticulous in handling their responsibilities. Although quiet, they are people-oriented and very observant. Not only do they remember details about others, but they observe and respect others’ feelings. Friends and family are likely to describe them as thoughtful and trustworthy.
According to Keirsey, ISFJs, or "Protector Guardians", are most concerned with taking care of people by keeping them safe and secure. They are modest caretakers who do not demand credit or thanks for their efforts. But while they are essentially compassionate—and in fact exercise more patience in dealing with the disabled than perhaps any other type—their shyness with strangers can lead others to misread them as standoffish. Only among friends and family may this quiet type feel comfortable speaking freely. ISFJs are serious people with a strong work ethic, not inclined to self-indulgence. They believe in being meticulous and thrifty. They work well alone. While they may enjoy taking care of others, they do not enjoy giving orders.
You can read a bit more about ISFJs HERE. You can take the test HERE.


Generic life on your generic small planet out on the rim. Parents were farmers, the life was hard, the work was hard, the existence was meager and extras were non-existent. Alliance was never seen this far out. Sure, we've heard of 'em, but they might as well be fairy tales this far out. Marshall law's the only law we ever heard of out in these parts. Slavery's common when you bet more than you can afford, and people move all the time as folks get traded from one planet to the next out in these parts. Her ma got shipped off not long after she was born. Her da not long after her teenage years. She and her brothers and sisters raised each other the best they could, but they all had to fend for themselves for the most part, and it didn't take long for them to lose track of each other. Eventually she figured out that life is a con for the most part, and you only get from it what you put into it, bad or good. So she keeps just what she needs and puts the rest out there into the world, the best she can, hoping to get back the same.

What she can remember of her ma and da, they were kind. They worked hard and didn't smile often, but they didn't yell much, and never hit the children, though da hit ma now and again, but that's just the way things are done around here, not out of any particular stroke of cruelty.

Aeron hasn't had a lot of pivotal and important moments yet in her life. Her life has been more a set of tiny little small things that all add up into one large moment as opposed to any really large life changing features. It's never really any one big moment in time she can look back to and say *THIS* this was the point that defined me. It's more the small stories here and there that in tiny ways shaped the woman she became. The nights she spent curled up whispering tales to her brothers and sisters to help keep their nightmares away that instead let the monsters creep into her own dreams. The boys she would have kissed for a few free meals to keep her belly full but her heart empty, except that none of them ever had the nerve to actually kiss a witch. Life is a series of choices and trades, and every little one that Aeron has made has shaped her into the woman that she's grown into over time.

Red Lion and Stark Industries, The Klaighmar, and The Falkirk

She left Jiangyin with dreams of slowly making her way off the rim and closer towards civilization. She'll trade card readings and other favors - not to mention herbed sachets, potions, and remedies for hitched rides to get herself closer and closer to civilization, and if she ever can, she'll work her way back with enough money to get her brothers and sisters the same freedoms she wants to find for herself.

The first hitched ride she found was aboard the Wulver, headed far away from the borders of Jiangyin. She's not quite sure what to make of the crazy crew they've got, but they've offered her a ride, and that's good enough for her for now. While most of the crew were a little too wild for her tastes, she did get a chance to reconnect to an old childhood friend, Peter. It seemed that amidst gunfights and personal drama galore the Wulver made its way to Osiris and the compound of Red Lion Industries, dropping off the young seer when they arrived. What will happen to the girl from there only the fates and Loa can say, and so far they've hinted to engineering storms and perhaps lions, but the girl still remains in the dark, then again, the dark is better than chained to a stake amongst a fiery blaze. Just as she thought she'd left them all behind, a fairy god-monkey with a sparkling purple wand pulled her back through the looking glass and left her staring at her reflection, unable to recognize anything but her eyes. When she finally pulled herself away, she was summoned back to the Klaighmar by its chief of security. So it seems as if the witch may have found herself a mobile home after all. Only time will tell if it will or won't land on those sparkly new red shoes of hers once it stops flying through the air. Particularly if that wild tempest she has found has anything to do with it.

After the loss of her purpose and her profession, Aeron made her way back towards Red Lion and the Klaighmar. Yet, the ship was nowhere to be found. So she made her way back to Osiris and that is where she learned that they were now traveling on a new ship, the Falkirk. While not as impressive as the Falcon class that she had spent so much time trying to help get into the air, it's the closest thing the girl had to a place to call home, so she headed off to find it. She wasn't certain she'd be so well received, but it seems that after a tussle with a wounded bobkit the woman has managed to settle herself back into the pride of lions once more. And for her birthday, the Lion King even gifted the girl with a cat all her own.


In her time spent with Torres aboard the Klaighmar, the young woman ended up over time with a notebook full of copies of his sketches and his blueprints, as well as designs and inspired recreations of her own. She knows nothing about how the wires and circuitry work, or even if they do, but there was a grace to the lines and boards that caught her interest. Turns out, her piqued interest was a blessing in disguise. After years of Torres having worked on the project of a new Falcon class ship and all the bells and whistles that would go with it, his cortex account was hacked and his designs stolen and removed. With the young witch having unwittingly made for him a backdrop, they've now become a team as they try to make his new ship from just a dream into reality. First stop, consulting with as many of the 'verse's minds and talents that they can meet as they start up the R&D company of Aerie Aviation and Aeronautics.

Despite it's lofty dreams to reinvent the world of aviation, Aerie never made it off the ground. Not long after they decided to strike out on their own, half of Aerie's team of dreamers received news regarding the death of his (ex)wife. He left without a word to go and track down their daughter, but as always, the midgetly mystic went after him. She never found him, though she did find his daughter. Despite being only a few years older than the girl she located, the witch had to tell the poor girl that she'd become an orphan, though she never found the courage to introduce herself as anything more than a business associate of her father's when she passed along this news. She stayed just long enough to make sure the girl would be safe and cared for, and then the young woman began the trip back across the black to the closest thing to family she's so far known. She isn't sure if RLI will want to take her back, or what kind of place they're have for her without the other half to her work, but it's the only place she knows to try.

After the Fall

Years were lost to the blackness, both of space, and of the soul. Following the disappearance of her engineer the witch wandered lost and alone, the Loa blowing her this way and that, but nothing ever taking hold of her spirit while he was gone. And then, one day, the Loa returned what they had taken, and her Tempest blew back into her life. Their reunion, however, was short-lived. Nightmares and visions began to plague the young woman, and while she tried to run, it wasn't fast enough. Just like Templeton before her, Aeron disappeared in the middle of the night, no trace of her left behind. And just like he did, eventually she returned, a different woman. Plagued by constant nightmares and paranoid that there are men with indigo hands hiding in the shadows the witch has become sullen and withdrawn. She still whispers the secrets of her Loa through their cards to those who need it, but her chatter and whimsey has all but disappeared. The one exception being when she's standing back to back with the only person she really trusts, only then do her strange eyes glitter once more as her fear and worry fade away beneath the warmth of the centering balance that he gives to her.
Only the Loa know where the 'verse will lead them next, but like everything else in their lives, it's certain to be a grand adventure, and they'll face it like always, together.


"The first time my eyes ever found yours, Templeton, the Loa had blown you into my bed like a storm, and they assigned you a wheel that promised you were my destiny." Her strange eyes flicker up from her notes to his, "And I was terrified to believe them. But they didn't care." Back to her notes again, "And no matter which of us tried to run, or where the storms tossed our Tempests, they always knitted our fates back together, where we were meant to be. Where we finally are." And then, she crumples her notes into her palm as her hand reaches once more for his, whatever she might have written discarded as she merely shares her heart with him, even if she's far less eloquent a speaker than he, "I've never understood why the Loa only let us have one word for love, Tem. It's not enough. It doesn't span the area of emotion it has to cover, it doesn't say everything I want to say to you. For me, there's such a distinction between 'to love' and between 'being in love' that they're not even in the same dictionary. You are the first man to ever love me, and the first I've ever loved, and I wouldn't be able to love another if I tried..." Her voice is barely even a whisper as she admits to the time she thought him dead, "And Loa know I tried..." She finds her voice again, swallowing hard as she continues, "Please. My love. My life. Be in no doubt that I am in love with you. But that more than that, that I choose TO LOVE you. Every day, with every breath my lungs draw, and every beat that my pulse throbs, I always choose to love you. It's not infatuation, nor lust, though the Loa know you've taught me the meaning of those as well. But it's a profound yearning to be with you. It's a feeling that never, ever leaves. When I wake in the morning, I know that you've been with me through the night, becaue I feel the ache of it still in my heart. My love for you shadows my every movement. My attentions and my cards may go here and there, and your stars may scatter us across the 'verse, but my core is always aligned to you. You are my compass. You are my heart." She reaches forward and tucks her deck of cards into the pocket of his suit jacket so that both of her hands can hold to his as she promises, "I've been yours since the very first time you ever saw me, Templeton Kenneth Torres. And I want to be yours for the rest of our lives."


"Dark Side" -- Kelly Clarkson
"Lemon Meringue" -- Poe
"Sirius" -- Clannad
"Poprocks & Coke" -- Green Day
"All I Want Is You" -- Bellefire
"Defying Gravity" -- Wicked
"Imagine" -- John Lennon
"Witchy Woman" -- The Eagles"
"Something to Believe In -- Clannad
"God is a Girl" -- Groove Coverage
"Hey Soul Sister" -- Train
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -- Bono covering The Beatles
"What if God Was One of Us?" -- Sheryl Crow
"Bones" -- Little Big Town
"Mine" -- Taylor Swift