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Born in 2489 to parents Phoebe and Cameron Li and older brother Sheridan on Regina. At an early age, he showed an interest in flying, and did the ground school work as soon as possible and began flying. Brother Sheridan was a miner, like his father. Mother was a nurse. The family were all afflicted by Bowden's Malady. Sheridan died at age 24 of the disease when Aeddan was 19 and off planet. He has since sought work as a pilot and as often as possible sends home earnings to help pay for the Pasceline-D drug.

Cameron.jpg Cameron Li - father

Phoebe.jpg Phoebe Li - mother

Vital stats...
Full Name: Aeddan Li
Position: Pilot
Gender: Male
DoB: August 12, 2489
Height/Weight: 6'1" / 95 kg
Eyes/Hair: Green / Dark brown
Place of Birth: Regina
Marital Status: Married

Some IC hooks

- Aeddan has been collecting bar paraphenalia around the 'verse. He finds a bar...he nicks something little. His cabin is generally personalised in the manner of bachelors everywhere - with the spoils of these victories nailed up around the walls. Anyone want to steal something with him? Or stop him?

-He is an inveterate flirt with a cute accent. Feel free to have succumbed or kicked him in the shins sometime past. I'm shiny with either!

-He has Bowden's Malady. And if he doesn't have access to Pescaline D he gets sick. Real sick.

-He is a good pilot. And works for the money. Money to him is pretty important what with sick parents.

-He has been formally recognised as the father to Ava Emerson Arnett-Li.



Dragontattoo.jpg on left chest Celtic.jpg on right shoulder blade - after a drunken night out