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Full name Aedam Cross
Date of Birth August 21, 2501
Parents Remington Cross and Anira Niles
Siblings Milan Cross (half-brother) and Arabelle Cross (half-sister)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment House Daska
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 6'1", 170 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Companion Training

Military Service
  • No military service.


Londinium-raised Adaem Cross is the product of Sir Remington Cross and his contracted long-term Companion, Arina Niles. He lived at the Cross family estate until the age of 12 and, following the death of his father, was steered into Companion training by his mother.

Shortly after completion of training, Adaem moved to the border planet of Newhall, where he lived and plied the Companion trade for a short 16 months in the heavily-populated tourist area.

Aedam is now based at Companion House Daska on Persephone but rents passage on the Dochasan Lasair.

Info Bits

... is deathly allergic to seafood.
... has been known to volunteer with Madi's soup kitchen.
... has been known to perform at the lounge at the Helios.


I enjoy in-character journaling, some creative fiction writing, and logging good scenes. I make some of them available to the general public with the understanding that such writings are available only on an OOC-basis. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Aedam's Journal: Chang Xiao