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Adria Gallagher
Full name Adria Gallagher (age 28)
Date of Birth 2nd Feb 2499
Birthplace Triumph
Parents Lauretta and Keith Gallagher
Siblings None
Assignment White Star, Cyberwarfare
Specialization Technician
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark-brown curly hair, blue eyes.
Height and Weight 5'7", ~125 lbs.
Status Active

Character Summary

Adria Gallagher is more or less a cheerful individual. She can be rather playful at times, but she strives to always be polite, not wishing to offend anyone, and knows when to be serious. While Adria likes to think she is strong in character, she can be rather weak-willed in certain situations. Generally, though, she knows what she wants and isn't quick to give up. Adria's interests lie in computers; she loves working with them, and even when not working, she usually likes spending her time in front of one.


Adria is a slender woman who looks like she is in her mid to late twenties. The woman looks somewhat ahtletic, or at least she would seem to be in good physical shape. She stands at roughly 5 feet 7 inches tall, most of her height being made up by her rather long legs. Adria's curly hair is dark-brown in color and reaches down to her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, and her facial features reveal that one of her parents must have had Asian genes. The woman's naturally red lips are rather full, and her nose is fairly slender, if somewhat long. Adria's lithe shoulders are ever so slightly toned. Her cup size is a generous B, and her arms are tight and a tad toned, yet still slim. The hands look quite soft, which might give people the image that she hasn't done a lot of manual labor during her life. Her fingers are long and slender, and her fingernails are typically not decorated in any way. Adria's waist is somewhat narrow, and her hips are a little wide, giving her a slight hourglass figure.

Typically in public Adria is wearing casual clothing; snug blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a simple leather jacket. In contrast to the jeans and the shirt, the jacket looks a little worn, showing signs of old age. It is supposed to be brown, but it has turned a lighter shade of brown at various spots.


Early Life

Adria was born to a fairly rich family on one of the quieter rim worlds, Triumph. Her family owned a prosperous ranch out in the country. Life was peaceful and uneventful - Adria enjoyed it as a young girl. Adria's parents began homeschooling her at a very young age. She has been able to read and do mathematics for as long as she can remember. As she grew older, she found that there was little to keep her occupied at the ranch, and so she read a lot. Her father had a personal library at the ranch, and Adria could be found there often, devouring the contents of the numerous books. After her homeschooling, this was effectively further education for Adria; she became rather well-cultured, and, by the time her parents sent her to study on the border worlds, she was much more knowledgeable than most of her peers.

Growing Up

During her studies, Adria never stayed in one place for too long. Sometimes she would even move from planet to planet, and as such, she only formed a few lasting friendships. One thing, however, was more or less constant in her life; she always lived on her own. Overall, this was positive thing for Adria, though, as it meant that despite coming from a rich family she didn't become spoiled. Naturally, however, Adria received financial support from her parents throughout her studies, so, in effect, she never actually had to get by on her own.

Adria picked up some useful skills during her education. She started out on a very general line, but later on she specialized in computer systems. Her parents encouraged her to acquire some piloting skills, and, as such, she learned how to pilot transports and capital ships. Truth be told, however, most of her experience piloting capital ships has been acquired in simulators.

After Education

While Adria was studying off-world, however, disaster struck back at home, on Triumph. Reavers raided her parents' ranch, leaving it in ruins, and, what they didn't destroy, they took for themselves. The girl mourned the loss of her parents, naturally, but eventually she pulled through it. Unfortunately there was some sort of a mix-up with the authorities, however, and Adria never received her inheritance. There were 'irregularities' and a lot of confusion, and even Adria doesn't know where the money ended up in the end. All she knows is that she never received anything. She spent a year of her life trying to get the inheritance back before she finally gave up. She still had some money left, so she wasn't too worried, but she had to find work.


Adria Gallagher is nowadays more or less a traveler. For the better part of her twenties she has been going from place to place in the 'verse, seeking employment, although she has been sticking to the core and border worlds. The fact that she is a knowledgeable technician and can pilot ships means that she has been able to earn enough money to get by. This life, however, began to bore the woman, and, as such, she decided to find something more interesting - perhaps even head out to the rim worlds. Adria believes she has found what she was looking for after she got employed by Mantissa Avaria, and she joined the crew of the White Star.



Adria tends to be cheerful - in fact, she tries to appear cheerful to the people around her, and strives to be polite. The woman can be playful at times, but she knows when she needs to be serious. Adria is generally strong-willed, but in certain situations she can come off as weak, and, in these situations, she can have problems making decisions. Also, when she is alone and unoccupied, Adria can get a little depressed. This, however, is extremely rare, and other characters are likely to never actually witness it happen.


Adria doesn't have any particular goals as of right now. She doesn't really need money, she isn't exactly looking for anything specific - she is more or less interested in just exploring the 'verse and seeing what life is like out there, and that is what she hopes to accomplish aboard the White Star.