Adila Mercedes

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Full name Adila G. Mercedes
Date of Birth Nov 21, 2495
Parents William & Estelle Mercedes
Siblings Samuel W. Mercedes (deceased)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Light Blue/Near Black
Height and Weight 5'7"/124 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private School on Bellerophon until sixteen, when she was expelled.

Military Service


Employment History



Adila G. Mercedes

Adila, the youngest and last of her family line, was born on Bellerophon. Her parents, William and Estelle Mercedes own and successfully operate one of the most well reputed security firms on the Core planet. Watching after the rich and well to do, her parents were inspired to introduce their youngest daughter to what they considered the 'good life'. Adila however, stubborn and independent, wanted nothing to do with the well off, decidedly snobby, frilly dressed crowd. Getting her into proper attire was a battle, urging her to attend parties that might introduce her to some of the young gentleman who could possibly enrich her life was a never ending struggle for Estelle. Often, Adila herself would sabotage these events with purposeful, slightly outrageous actions until at last, the invitations ceased to arrive. Failing in their attempt to make a silk purse from the proverbial cow's ear, Adila was sent to a private school. There, Adila quickly resorted to fighting and rough-housing in an effort to escape the upper crust crowd and return to the home and the family business she wanted so badly to be a part of. Soon enough, hardly a year into her education at the private school, she was expelled for the last time. Gladly packing her bags, she returned home, satisfied that her parents would have no choice but to employ her in the family business.

Having spent her early years around weapons of all kinds, Adila was no greenhorn when it came to handling a guns. Her shot was naturally straight and true, coming close to being one of the best shots for her age and gender. Her short time in private school had been spent studying not her lessons, but instead weaponry and combat. It was often the boys of the private school who were tested by Adila, many of them refusing to tussle with the girl, which ended in her winning many a fight. Now expelled from school and back home, side by side with her brother, Samuel, she was at last allowed at last to take an official position in the family business at the age of sixteen. Despite the grumbling objections of her parents, Adila was quite good at her job. Her tragic flaw would be the blossoming of a youthful ego that contributed even more so to her stubborn behaviour towards her parents and others above her. The one person she was willing to learn from was Samuel. Not wanting to see his sister become too reckless and full of herself, her rather stolid and quiet older brother took Adila under his wing and proceeded to teach her the ropes first hand. What to do and what not to do, was left to the advisement of her brother, her parents washing their hands of the rebellious young woman. Often her mother mourned the loss of her 'pretty girl' and chided Adila for attempting to be the other son that her mother had never wanted.

Adila, with her naturally pleasing features, could easily disguise herself among the young and beautiful. Well trained, she was often employed by gentleman for security duty, realizing that the young woman would be taken for a delicate flower, instead of the weapon she truly was. It was when she ended up taking a bullet for an high ranking Alliance gentleman's son, the target of an assassination attempt, that she became well noted among the Alliance and the upper crust social groups on Bellerophon. With the Alliance owing her quite a debt for saving the Officer's son, Adila was offered a position among the elite of the Alliance. It also became clear to Adila, as she recovered from her wounds, that the young gentleman she had saved, by the name of Marcus, seemed quite taken with her. Every night he watched over her sick bed, every morning fresh flowers arrived to help cheer her. Expensive gifts soon became the talk of the infirmary and when Adila was at last released, she had to make a choice. Unfortunately for the heartbroken Marcus and the Alliance gentleman who was his father, she turned down the offered position and the young man's affections. To say that Marcus did not take her rejection well, was quite an understatement. It wasn't until much later, however that the vengeful man's plan came into play.

While working security detail for a Alliance Officer's ball, Samuel was called into the courtyard of the expensive home. The crackling voice of her brother's voice over her earpiece was enough to alert Adila to the possible problem. Making sure that her detail was covered, she came to the courtyard to find her brother held at gunpoint by Marcus. Having now spent many years boiling in his own anger over his first love turning him down, he was myopic in his need for revenge. When the gun was turned from Samuel to Adila, her brother acted as only a brother could. The pair grappled and despite Adila's attempt to save her brother, he was shot in the chest and bled out before help could arrive. Marcus then took his own life, leaving Adila alone with two bodies while the lavish party inside continued. She was twenty one at the time.

Returning home to whispers of shame and deceit, the young woman took to the black, vowing that she would never return to Bellerophon.


Adila's a rather strong, stubborn woman. More than once she's been called names, she wears them like a badge of honor. Truthful, almost to a fault, she'll tend to tell you just what she thinks when pressed, but most of the time knows when to hold her tongue.

After several bad love affairs both past and present, she's rather heartless on the outside. Sleeping with her guns, drinkin' and smokin' and protectin' her crew it what she's all about. Once entwined rather thickly with former shipmate on the Redemption, Idris, she and Idris left the ship for personal reasons. Returning a couple of years later, she's asked to re-board the Redemption, but seems to be sans her former better half. And ain't no one brave enough to ask her 'bout it neither, as pokin' into the gunslinger's love life, as it is, might just get you shot. Although she talks like she's born on the Rim, she can speak properly and ham it up with the best of 'em from the Core if she's got a mind to. Most of the time, however, she just ain't up to playin' dress up and prefers to wear what's comfortable instead of what's fashionable.

Under it all, she does have a soft side, even a playful side, but it's mostly the crew of her beloved Redemption that get even a glimpse of that.

During her short return to Redemption she unfortunately fell for Crow who was engaged to Sam. Fighting ensued and she no longer felt she was any good for the crew, and left, heartbroken and without a friend in the world.


Dark, thick hair carries a subtle, natural wave and falls well past her shoulders to mid back. Usually worn in a loose braid, a few stubborn wisps escape to frame her face. Healthy, if pale skin color speaks of someone who has spent the majority of their life in the black. Her features are not striking, or one that might be compared to the likeness of a companion but instead she leans towards the girl next door. An oval face, there is a gentleness to her features that gives her a more youthful appearance than truth tells in years. Subtly full lips are adorned with hardly more than a simple gloss, straight white teeth seen when she smiles. A complementary nose, is neither too big or button. Perhaps most striking are deep blue eyes that at first look might appear from a box; a second look reveals they are true to her genetics and not a purchased adornment. A tattoo is noticeable, below the corner of her eye on her right upper cheekbone. A small, simple black dragon that is no more than two inches in length.

Feminine curves are there, were she not dressed in a fashion that leans towards manly, you might see them. A turtle-neck is her choice most recently, the sweater worn large enough to disguise curve but not enough to be considered 'sloppy'. The long sleeves slip down her arms, usually the cuffs end up pushed to near her elbow. A pair of carefully fit khaki pants are loose enough to not restrict sudden motion but not so loose that she might require the accompaniment of a belt to keep them up. A thigh strap on her right leg holds a knife. Around her waist, set a touch low on her hips is her gun belt. Holsters on each side hold weapons, one of them her trusty slipshot. A communication device also has it's own spot on the belt, along with a few clips of ammo. On her feet, worn but cared for brown, thigh high boots. Gloves, relieved of the fingers, are employed when the need strikes, but hardly a constant addition to her wardrobe. Now and again, a low brimmed, brown, leather hat and matching duster are worn.

Recent History

After nearly two years, Adila has opted to return to the only place she considers home, Redemption. After a short period of trial, Alabaster Smith has allows Adila to return as a full time crew member in her old spot as Security. Unfortunately only after a short time, she found her time on Redemption was to be short lived. Since then, she has holed up in a cheap motel on Persephone, looking for work.


  • Adila is known to sleep with her gun, most times she is apt to shoot first and ask questions later.
  • She has two tattoos: On her upper left cheek, just below her eye is a small, black dragon [1] that no more than two or three inches in length. Two: Words [2] on her left side in black, stylize letters.