Adelaide Cook

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Full name Adelaide Cook
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Unnamed, deceased (murdered)
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Unemployed
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Black w/ blue streaks
Height and Weight 5'6"/130 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Pre-IC Timeline

???? - Adalaide 'Addie' Cooke was born on Regina.
2516 - Addie witnesses the murder of her parents, takes to wandering.
2523 - Character hits grid.

The Past

Not much is known about the young woman named Adelaide Cook. She's been pretty tight-lipped about her existence up until the point she found her way to Persephone. What was made known is that she is from Regina, originally, and that she witnessed both of her parents' brutal murders when she was 12 by unknown men. She had also stated that she stopped talking, by choice after that, opting to 'be mute' for the last seven years of her life, the same seven years she has been on her own.

During that time, she hired herself out for odd jobs, mostly for passage but also for the money needed to treat the beginning signs of Bowden's she had started to notice, something she has tried to keep secret as to not jinx herself as far as finding employment goes. She was taught how to defend herself by several people, primarily through the use of guns and rifles, although she has become somewhat proficient in the use of melee weapons and martial arts.

The Present

The Future