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Full name Alexander Adams
Date of Birth March 25th, 30 years of age
Parents Dylan & Maya Adams
Siblings Annie and the Late Jayson Adams
Spouse none
Children none
Assignment Shenjing Industries
Specialization Medical/Virology/Herbal/Legal Medicines/Surgery
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Short brown hair and Brown Eyes
Height and Weight 6 ft 140 lbs.
Status Active


Alexander Adams,M.D.


Feb 23, 2528 - Hired by Shenjing Industries

Remains as Volunteer EMT/Pilot for Book Memorial


Born March 25th , Thirty year old Alexander “Alex” Adams spent his childhood on Newhall where he was born. His mother ; Maya was a doctor on the planet as well as a herbalist . He never knew his father as he died before he was born but he was raised by Dylan Adams who adopted Alex and his older brother - Jayson. The two have a sister who is several years younger than they - Annie. Life for them was not easy but yet at the same time they didn’t feel like they lacked for anything. Both their mother and their step-father worked a great deal. Dylan ran a Boat Rental operation. But it was his mother that imprinted the medical background unknowingly into her son. When he reached the age of college level, he surprised her with wanting to attend medical school.


In High school he took classes in Chinese and later on he learned Gaelic.

His mother Maya is a native of Newhall, she grew up learning how to use the plants that grew on the planet and turn them into medicines that made some ailments more tolerable until certain medications could be delivered. It was this herbal practice that remains part of how Alex treats his own patients if more modern medicines can’t be found. She’s a petite woman, barely standing 5’1 with the same dark wavy hair as her son, who towers over her. She has a tender soul and though she’s retired now, she still is often sought out by some of the older Newhall natives for their ailments. She raised Jayson and Alex alone for three years until she met and Married Dylan. Annie, the product of this second marriage, follows her mother’s footsteps as a herbalist.

He has a scar on his left hand between the thumb and index that he received when he was working on a cadaver and the scalpel slipped and cut deeply. It required twenty-five stitches.

=Work History

Internship on the outer rim .

Physican aboard the Mercury

Physican for the Late Elric and Lisa

Physican aboard the Shadowdancer

Currently - Works for Shenjing and the ship also. ‎



Medical Training

Alexander studied on Verdana and later went to the outer rim, Triumph and Haven to serve his Internship, and served for a time there after his internship ended. He later Joined The Mercury as their doctor but also became House Bennett's Personal Physician and also volunteers his free time with the Medical Well Clinic. He works for Shenjing, on Alexandria.

Field Medic

First Aid



General Medicine

Studying Cybernectics

Non Medical ==

August 17th,2525 Learned to fly a Capital ship - The Guan.

Can Fly if requested, am a EMT /pilot for the Book Memorial.

Personal Info

Alex’s ideal evening if alone, is reading a good book or listening to music, while he works out. If he’s with a friend, depending on where he’s at - ship or planet side, just talking suites him but is a quiet romantic he likes to do little things to show his friend that he cares, be it cook dinner , do the dishes or take long walks & kiss under the moonlight. And if the mood suites, he can deal with just shacking up doesn't bother him either way. Especially being he's on a ship a great deal.

He's FIRST a doctor above anything else. Alex-new4.jpg