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Adam Walker
Full name Adam Walker
Date of Birth 13 September 2500
Birthplace Unknown, presumed Londinium
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Engaged to Tatyana Quinn
Children None
Assignment Security, Red Lion Industries
Specialization Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Dark Brown
Height and Weight 6' 3", 190 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Orphanage, some Trade/Tech school courses on Londinium

Employment History

Kaufmann-Beich GmbH, Security
Guan-Yin II, Security
Red Lion Industries - Current.


In The Living Years

Walker's first real memory is of his 17th birthday party. Specifically, his first memory is of a bunch of people yelling "Happy Birthday, Adam!" and seeing a big sheet cake with white frosting and the words "Happy Birthday Name: Adam in gold" written in blue food coloring on it. The next year is pretty clear in his mind: he spent it at a social-services orphanage that he would later in life refer to as "Our Lady of the Perpetual Scowl."

Needless to say, he got out of there as soon as he could.

Working the Night Shift

Getting out of the orphanage as quickly as he could, Walker soon discovered that he was on Londinium. He set about looking for work, eventually landing an entry-level position as a night time security guard at pharmaceutical company Kaufmann-Beich GmbH. He was good at his job, which meant that he showed up for work clean and shaved, and the bosses never caught him playing cards with the other guards. As he was later fond of saying, "You would think that major pharmaceutical companies would be hot-beds of bustle and activity at 3 in the morning, but it turns out that's just not so."

These were good, if somewhat boring times for Walker. At least, that's how he chooses to remember them. Hanging out with "the guys," drinking and playing cards. During the day, he would sleep and take courses at a small tech school that specialized in training security forces. He learned to shoot a variety of weapons, and he took some classes in Jiu-Jitsu. Two years passed in this way, then came the night his life changed forever.

Those nights spent drinking and playing cards had given Walker quite a tolerance for the demon Booze, but also quite a taste for it. Keeping himself in liquid consumables was starting to eat into his meager earnings, and so it was on that fateful night that he was a little short on cash, and so he bowed out of the game. He hung out with the guys anyways for a while, just drinking and joking around, when nature called. On his way back from the lavatory, he decided to go ahead and make his rounds, and thus he wasn't in the main lobby, sitting at the desk drinking and playing cards when the surprise inspection by the corporate head of security burst in. Everyone on duty that night was fired, except for Walker. He was promoted to the Day Shift.

I Can See Clearly Now

Paradoxically, the day shift was considered a 'promotion' even though it didn't come with a pay raise. Plus, with all the people actually working and coming and going during the day, no one on that shift even suggested starting up a regular card game during hours. Never-the-less, Walker adapted. He moved all of his classes into the evenings, and started re-learning the skill of sleeping when it was dark. These were not the best of times, however. The day shift was every bit as boring as the night shift, but there were always people watching.

Then, one day, Walker got a break. Local bleeding-hearts had been hanging around outside protesting the company's use of animals in early stage drug trials, claiming (correctly) that the company had to give the animals the ailments they were then attempting to cure the animals of. Never the less, this was Londinium, and the Alliance soldiers were everywhere. So it was, as far as these things go, a peaceful demonstration. On what would turn out to be the last day of the picketing, Walker was just stepping outside to go to lunch when one of the company Vice Presidents, Karl Wimbley-Smythe was heading up the stairs towards the company, returning from his own lunch. His bodyguard was a step behind, when a thrown rock sailed towards the VP's head. It would be nice to say that Walker sized up the situation in a heartbeat, realized that the guard couldn't see the rock, and reacted. It would be nice to say that, but it would not be true. The truth is that Walker saw the rock and acted utterly without thinking. He pushed Wimbley-Smythe back a step, and raised his arm to protect his own face. The rock missed both of them. Wimbley-Smythe's guard saw what happened and turned around, yelling and rushing into the crowd swinging wildly as he sought to find out who threw the rock. Of course, when a huge man with no neck steps into a crowd and begins to swing his fists indiscriminately, people get hurt and people do not stand and calmly point out who did what. A small panic ensued as people tried to get away from the guard, some of them accidentally trampling those the guard had already knocked down. Needless to say, his employment was terminated that same day.

In the meantime, Walker had quickly escorted Wimbley-Smythe into the lobby of the company, and to safety. The next day, Walker was summoned to the VP's office, where he was told of his promotion to Wimbley-Smythe's personal security specialist. And this time, it came with a raise.

Across the 'Verse

Working for Wimbley-Smythe, or Karl as he insisted that Walker refer to him, was a dream come true. Mostly. The pay raise was nice. Being able to hang out (albeit silently) with the Movers and Shakers was nice. The suits he had to wear were even nice, after he got used to them. Karl was a good boss, and a decent guy. Karl did have a few strange quirks. He had his own personal ship, a Wren-class transport which he insisted that Walker learn how to fly, "for security reasons." Despite this, whenever possible, Karl would fly to Osiris or wherever he needed to go on one of the company's fleet capital ships whenever possible, apparently under the belief that size matters when traveling in the black. Still and all, it was a good period. Until...

This is the End

Something had been bothering Richard Kavanaugh, the president of Kaufmann-Beich, for days. All the VPs could sense it. He was a little too alert, a little too manic. Some thought it meant that he was about to announce a new product. Others, who knew him better, thought it might mean that he was going to announce some layoffs, although why the company would need to lay anyone off, what with the success of Som-No-Mor (tm) which had just hit the shelves the last quarter was anyone's guess. But something was off about him; something was, as the kids say, 'up.' So it was no surprise to anyone when, on Thursday morning, he called a press conference. It took half the day to set up the main audience hall, with the obligatory snack food and bottles of water. Finally 4 PM arrived, and the live holonews hounds were in attendance. The VPs of K-B lined up along the back wall like soldiers at attention on a parade ground, and Kavanaugh walked up to the podium. VPs glanced at each other, silently reminding each other of where they all stood in the New Products/Quarterly Layoffs pool. Kavanaugh began to speak.

No one won that pool.

Announcing that Som-No-Mor (tm) was a run-away success, Kavanaugh then announced that it was all a lie. Som-No-Mor (tm) had been rushed into production after falsified, fraudulent testing. The room was silent in stunned disbelief. Distantly, you could almost HEAR the stock prices falling. Then Kavanaugh claimed that he had a way to make it right. Since Som-No-Mor (tm) was his baby, he had to be held responsible.

He pulled a gun from his coat pocket and shot his own brains out on live holonews.

Ease on Down the Road

Stock prices hit a number so close to Zero that even the most anal-retentive mathematician would forgive you for rounding off the difference. The board declared bankruptcy. Assets were liquidated. Everyone was fired, most of them without any form of severance. Karl Wimbley-Smythe and Walker stood on the steps where they first met in front of a building whose front-window sign now read "For Sale" and shook hands. Karl gave Walker a letter of recommendation, in case that would help. Then he turned and walked away, without a bodyguard for the first time in over three years. Walker shoved the letter in his pocket and went home to do some serious drinking.

No matter how sorry your landlady feels about your situation, there comes a time when she has to kick you out for failure to pay rent. That time came for Walker, and he met it with a shrug. Living on the streets wasn't so bad. He was closer to the liquor store, for one thing. Even so, eventually his savings ran out. He celebrated with a really smashing drunk, and in the middle of his inebriation, he somehow decided that it would be a good idea to move out to the Rim and seek his fortune there. He made himself a small cardboard sign reading "Please help, need money to go to the rim," and pan-handled himself some cash. He purchased a berth on board a ship, but the captain decided he had had enough of the now-smelly dirty bum, and kicked him off on Persephone where Walker met a seemingly friendly Shepherd.

But that story is still in the making, and must wait to be told.

Recent Events

Oh! My Goddess!

Naw, just kidding. We'll tell it now.
A chance encounter on the Eavesdown docks with a Shepherd named McManus lead, after a day or so, to a meeting with captain Donna McKellan of the Guan-Yin II, which in turn lead to Walker being hired on as a probationary security hand for that ship. A shower, a shave, and a clothes-wash later, and he was almost respectable.

Friends in all the wrong places

A day after joining up with the crew of the Goddess, Walker was introduced to another new recruit, Tristan Song. The strangeness of the 'Verse asserted itself then, for he already knew her vaguely. She had been a pilot at KB, flying one of the big cargo haulers. They spent a little time catching up, and quickly became friends. They ended up working together closely during the Hera blight crisis that followed.

Tales from the Forest of Gnomes

Went to the carnival on Paquin. Had cotton candy. Met Tarot.
Went to dinner at the Crow's Nest. Had rather spicy Chicken Tikka Masala and some beers. Also present were Tristan Song, Shepherd Stephen McManus, Lain, Mariette Fournier, Tarot, and Some Guy (Zachary MacAbrams). Their food wasn't as spicy.
Delivered a message from Adrian Calhoun to Kirsten O'Dowd.
Was told by his chief that he needs to write more reports whenever he leaves the ship.
Left the ship to check ash levels on Hera
Left the ship to check ash levels on Hera
Left the ship to go to the Klaighmar for a bit
Left the ship to go for a walk
Left the ship to check ash levels on Hera
Left the ship to go into town
Left the ship to get more beer
Was told to stop with the gorram reports already
Went to work for Damian Carmichael.
Met Tatyana Quinn
Romanced same.
Left the Guan Yin.
Proposed to Tatyana.
Shot to shit chasing an assassin on Osiris on Christmas Day, 2526.

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