Actions & Consequences I

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Actions & Consequences I
Location: Log_Location::'''The House Complex - Londinium''' IC Date: Log_IC_Date::2541/05/14 OOC Date: Log_OOC_Date::2017/08/22
Characters: Has Characters in Scene::Faoite McGuire, Has Characters in Scene::Kyoshiro
Summary: Log_Short_Summary::Fao and Kyo turn them selves in...
Log_Characters::Faoite McGuire, Kyoshiro

There is a full escort, uniformed and there have sidearms but they are escorting their Rom guests into the glooorious House. Upon arrival, the escort was there and they have been brought to the House through backways, away from the public eye and the press it would seem. <English>

Kyoshiro has a briefcase with him, which of course he let their armed escourts search. As soon as he had gotten off the shuttle he put a cigar between his lips. He really couldn't go without it. Very addicted he was. He is dressed in his formal wear minus any weapons or potential illegal items. He isn't even wearing armor and he has to admit, it's a bit of a freeing moment in life. What ever happened here they surrendered them selves to. He looks over to Fao, then back to the buildings of the house and which ever building or corner they've been taken to. <English>

McGuire looks around for that reporter he spoke with to let them know what time and where he was turning himself in. The security must of stopped her at somewhere down the line. At least he got word out that it was happening, what is done with it is out of his hands now. He continues to move with the escort, flashes of his days in the Alliance brings a faint smile to his face. He may hate what the Alliance has become, but he remembers his youth in the Core. "I got a bad feeling about this Mibu." He grumble softly for Kyo's ear's as they walk. <English>

There is a slender and gorgeous and familiar face settled in the room they are led to, and there's lots of armed personel in there as well. Dressed in a white suit, most likely for mourning is Miss Verbena herself, Senator Rochelle Ramirez. The room is a conference room sized office, with two seats on the other side of a table with Senator Rochelle settled on the other side, hands folded over a folder. Tanned skin, dark hair now streaked with some white, she does not stand when they enter but she looks up and smiles kindly. - Their escorts guide them to their seats. The Senator may be the only person in the room besides the guards, but there are holo monitors behind her. <English>

Kyo glances to Fao as they step up the steps and into the room. "That's just the hypo I gave you before we came here. You're just out of the hospital from a minor heart attack. By the way, take it easy on your colesterol and stresslevels from now on. Least, Oliana told me to tell you that. Her and Braedyn are working on a paper together. They've seem to hit it off." He speaks of course of his Ex-wife who he's still good friends with. It helps keep his odd nuclear family together and strong. He looks to Ramirez as he walks towards Fao's and his table. He puts the case down and opens it, taking out a few well prepared binded reports or papers. He makes sure to give the senator a bow of respect before doing so. <English>

McGuire knows the face of the woman in the room. He glances Kyo as he's being seated. The old man sits strait in the chair. Back an inch from the seats back rest. One foot slightly in front of the other. His hands are clasped, sitting on his lap. Kyo's cigar is driving Fao crazy because he wants a cigarette really bad. Looking at Kyo, his smile grows and he says in kind, "Well good for them. That is good news." Turn to the senator, he keeps Kyo in the corner of his eye. <English>

"Welcome. I hope you understand that the circumstances of your arrival here have both the media and many people quite riled up. The news media has been told you are turning yourself in 12 hours from now, as has most people aware of our meeting. For our records, please state your first and last names and your reason for your arrival." Ramirez starts off carefully, pressing the button on a recording device and folding her hands in her lap again as a holo monitor behind her is booting up. <English>

"I assure you we understand. I don't wish to call much attention to our selves." Kyoshiro says giving Fao a bit of a glance of disapproval before looking back to the Senator. He sits streight and clears his throat. "Kyoshiro Tycho Mibu. Commander, Alliane NAVY Retired. High Commander of The Kris Shena Churara and Voivode or Prince to the Vitsi Rarti Satarma, Clan of The Night Star." He pauses, "We have come to negotiate for the Kris Shena Signing of The Allegiance Act and to turn our selves in for our accused crimes and or Questionings." <English>

McGuire remains calm as he speaks in an even tone, "Prince Faoite McGuire, Elder of the Deadwood Clan." A sudden look of surprise on his face, "Oh wait, first and last name. Sorry, it's a habit." A hand raises and waves it off with a slight shake of his head. "Faoite McGuire. I'm here to face the charge of treason held against me." He studies the senator for her reaction. <English>

By the time the gentlemen finish, the holo screen behind the woman flickers on and low and below there is the SecDef himself, Terrance Woolsworth (As always, played by Eddie Izzard, sitting at his desk and just staring. Dressed as impeccably as ever he huffs out a breath and shakes his head. "I'm Secretary of Defence Terrance Woolsworth." He nods to the Senator who clears her throat. "Do you wish to confess to your crimes?" <English>

"Woolsy!" Kyoshiro explaims standing with his hands stretched out giving a big smile. "I was wondring if you were going to show up. Wonderful!" His voice is a deep and raspy one, masculine and gravely. He sits back down with a chuckle taking a few drags from his cigar. "I am not accused of a crime. I am wanted for questioning reguaring the Red Rooster Inn, which was a LEgion outpose. THey killed those peope I didn't... and for some terrorist event on Paquin. Which I heard was thwarted by Heather Jacy is a well planned operation. Some rogue Roma trying to frame the Churara for some operations with a fringe group." He looks to Fao, "Can't speak for Rege Fao here though." <English>

McGuire looks to the holo, then back to the lady. He says in his even tone, "Confess that I was the messenger of a planets, namely Deadwood, of which I am Prince and oblicated to speak on behalf of my people, filing to susseed from Parliament and the Alliance. Seeing as they where celibrating their one hundreth year on the planet and realized they did it on their own without help of the Alliance. It only made sense seeing as the tax placed upon the planet were only paid by the film crews that came to use the mass forests on that world. We have no cargo for sale, and we make everything we need and use. There is no shuttle platform to get to the planet, so why pay for being self suficent. The planet voted on it in one voice, and I announced it at the hundred year celebration. Now, I am charged with treason because of it. Is that what you mean by confess?" <English>

In true Woolsworth fashion, the SecDef gets to his feet as he listens and starts to make himself a cup of tea, occasionally eyeing the camera but working quietly until McGuire finishes speaking. "Okay." He points to Kyo. "You are wanted for questioning, suspected domestic terrorism, suspected space terrorism, leading a unsanctioned militia, suspected of funding or purchasing the means to illegally arm civilian ships..." He's reading from a tablet he's snagged as he slowly stirs his tea. "And lets be honest, you're a large, highly dangerous and well trained former military asset. I've got reports that could even potentially link you as a witness to a suspected and unsolved assasination. But that file is so heavily redacted and frankly nobody gives a sh*t anymore about that. People look at you and quite possibly spontaneous piss themselves when they think about physically confronting themselves. You want to negociate the Allegiance Act for your people? Fine. Somebody wrote an eloquent letter on your behalf, because of your contributions to the defeat of the horrific terrorist organization known as Legion. So you've got some leeway here." Then he looks to McGuire and takes a deep breath, crossing the camera to snag a bottle of something alcoholic and returning to his tea cup to poor some in. "Mm. You are charged with Treason because declaring that you are ceceeding from the Alliance is Treason. It was horribly timing, and there were plans to build an Alliance outpost on that planet of some sort which would've alleviated the necessity for any Tax. You stepped in it royally and then there's the matter of the cruiser getting stolen and all those people spaced...which I know was not your doing but the timing of it all was horrible. Just...horrible. Then I got sucked into all this mess and the paperwork and files were endless..." <English>

Kyoshiro smiles as Woolsy lists the other things. "That's not what I saw on the Wanted Board. Though that's a long list." His face contorts into a form of 'yikes' as he glances to Fao. He raises his eyebrows, "Well... I'll take that last bit a compliment. I am rather deadly... just like your farts." He slams his hands down on the desk, standing. It's not violent. "Okay Campers let's cool it down a moment." Kyoshiro says holding up his hands, and moving out to the floor. "I think we can come to a compromise on all this, alright? It's very simple and streight forward." He puts his hands behind his back and looks to one of the guards. "Would you pass those booklets to the Senator and her people? I've a digital copy there in the breifcase for Woolsy..." He takes a moment to pace back and forth on the floor. "Let me Preface these articles that can be added to the Act we sign by saying the Romany didn't militarize because we wanted to. We did it out of the necesity of our situation. Countless terrorist attacks by pirates. The Alliance not having the proper range or capabilities to properly defend our encampments. We did not raise our Churara to fight the Alliance. We raised them to fight the Commonwealth and anyone who dared try to reinstate the great tremors of earth that was." He nods to the booklets beging passed out. "Please keep in mind. These are not demands. These are ideas of compromise." He then starts to recite exactle what's written: <More> <English>

First and Foremost, us being taken off the Wanted List and any crimes communicated quietly. How the Alliance wishes to explain this is up to them.

An argument for the 'Sovereignty' of all Romani Property as a Protectorate of the Alliance. This is not uncommon to Native American Reservations on Earth-That-Was or island countries of other empires throughout history. It gives the Romani the Autonomy they deserve and the Alliance the Allegiance they seek. Deadwood would be the only whole planet under this ruling. Deadwood's economy is self sufficient. The population small. Exports from mines can still be tarrifed by the Alliance. Alliance can have their base on Deadwood to help with the Reaver threat. Buisnesses owned by Romany are still taxed but individuals are not. A suit for representatives both in the House of Lords and House of Commons. If neither is acceptable we will accept at least one or more positions in the 'Elect'.

As a protectorate under the Alliance the Kris Shena Churara will remain Registered as a Private Military Company owned by the Kris Shena and contracted solely to the Kris Shena. We ask for a Active Duty Cap of 250,000 with new recruits after that cap being funneled into the reserves with the choice of those new Gavver's being pressed into Alliance Military Service. We also ask for an allotted number (Up to the Alliance) of armed support craft and a single Heavy Frigate for the Third Division. These armed ships will be registered with the Alliance, tracked, and their positions regularly reported to Alliance Military Command. <English>

McGuire says calmly, "So the entire planet of Deadwood is under this charge as well. Is this going to be another Shadow, Ida Moon, Three Hills? They wont allow the Alliance to do any such building. They want nothing to do with this regime. The paper work was submitted one hour before my announcement. If treason it is, then they are all doomed to my fate. The penalty for treason is death. That hasn't changed has it? I don't envy you this case Senator. Mighty thin lines there." <English>

Woolsworth is listening as he sips his tea and he just takes a deep breath, bowing his head and taking a deep breath as he listens. And he's just quiet as he looks between the two, back and forth and forth and back and he just squints. "First of all, your grace, Deadwood doesn't have anything on it, because a big conflict started and more reavers showed up." Then he goes back to the information that is being proposed. "Second of all, I want you both to stop right here and stop right now and tell me this. People get sooooo pissy at the Alliance Government because they accuse them of never being held accountable for their actions. The sheer arrogance of my lot to believe they can do what they want and forog and and all concenquences." He is pacing again. "But here you both are, turning yourself over to questioning and admitting to not admitting to commiting the crime you are accused of. But instead of proposing how to deal with the /crime/ you are asking me to /reward/ you and make official records go away? Is this what I am hearing?" He looks to Ramirez who is reviewing the booklet carefully. A pause then a point to McGuire. "If the entire planet of Deadwood made that cortex broadcast, they would be but thankfully people only remember your face. Mighty thin lines indeed." <English>

Kyoshiro chuckles and nods slowly at something he's thinking before giving a side long glance with that one crimson eye of his to Woolsworth. "Well what are your idea of Consequences Woolsy. I'd love to hear it. I'm standing here trying to make a compromise between our people so we can work together in the future. Give both people what they want. I simply just want to live the remainder of my years doing what I do best, protecting my people. Fao here is the voice of many and speaks for them. That's his lot. You can not blame us for this." He crosses his arms over his chest, looking down at the floor boards, his coat tails swaying slightly as he thinks. "It's all about compromise, guys." He's trying not to sound like he's pelading. <English>

McGuire points to Kyo, "He's asking for his crimes to be wiped. I here to face it, in court, for all the 'verse to see. Sure, you could put me to death because it is treason. Examples have to be made. I'm no fool. I just want it dealt with and over so life can go on." Motioning to Kyo, "As my friend said." He pulls a deep breath, ready for what might come next. <English>

"You both understand more than anything, that as a government if we let people freely break the laws that we have set in place, no matter how corrupt they felt they happen to be, then we set a standard that will lead to more and more groups like Legion or whatever stupid ass name they come up with next to pop up." Woolsworth takes a deep breath. "Kyoshiro Tycho Mibu. We will review your requests. We need an Alliance Outpost that far. To respond to threats in that region alot faster. I am willing to negociate how this will be built, even if it is a space station. Deadwood as a Protectorate of the Alliance, may be the only Protectorate held as Romani Property. This means some of your Kris Shena would need to be stationed there, for security means and the Alliance security force's jurisdiction would only be on the Alliance outpost or space station." He pauses and moves on. "Your Private Military Company must be capped at what it is now, it can grow no larger. You have an option, young men wanting to join your military must do 1-3 years in the Alliance Reserves, and then be funneled into your military or those who have served up to a certain amount of years in your private security must retire and are eligible for contract work with the Alliance military. The only way we will consider you having armed support craft, if if you can give us a timeline of your civilian ships being disarmed. Once that is done, we can talk about your alloted number of armed support the Reaver threat is still real." He takes a deep breath. "....these are just ideas I am playing around with, we may be in talks for a few days. Formal sentencing will take place during this time but I will not hold your individual accused crimes or suspected crimes against your people, as long as you are willing to accept the rulings that are passed down in regards to you as individuals." <English>

Kyoshiro seems to think a moment, "That's about 200,000. I can live with that and the other issuances reguarding recruites. I agree to the Deadwood situation. Ships we can work out later. Time-line is easy. Should only take a week or two. There arn't many, I can assure you of that." He seems t take a moment, making his way back to his seat and taking it. He looks to Fao then back. "I will face trial." <English>

McGuire says, "You want a base out there, Haven is Deadwoods moon with all the perks that Alliance needs to get around. If we're just speaking ideas. As the spokemen for Deadwood, the Deadwood Clan at this moment is on two million people after that last major Reaver attack. They all know each other and have speant this time defending against more attacks. For the past four years, the Alliance has locked down the planet and our efforts to defend the planet has grown. They wont allow Alliance ships to land. They will mass to defend it. Now, if there was a base on Haven, I could persuade my people allow landings to assist in defence against Reaver raiding parties. There are about seven every other month last I checked. But I believe they would allow that if agreed upon." He can't take it any more and pulls out a small pouch, openning it and pulling a paper skin and tobacco to roll a cigarette. <English>

Kyo looks to Fao, "Did you miss the part where he suggested a spacestation Fao?" He clears his throat, "The Kris SHena Churara can take care of ground defence. A Detatchment of Marines on the Space Station is acceptable." <English>

McGuire cuts in with a raised finger, "Space Station, now there's an idea." <English>

Woolsworth just looks somewhat weary, nodding slowly and exhaling softly. "We will work out the specifics later. For now, I want you both to follow your armed guards out of here to the medical center to get fitted with external tracking chips. We will need to have regular meetings in between your hearings to work out the details of the Allegiance Act. The building of a Space Station out there will prove very dangerous yet will prove that working together is the best way of protecting others from the threat beyond. We will take 2 weeks to work through the details and your hearings will be taking place at that itme as well. McGuire..." He sighs heavily. "You know I cannot allow you to go free. You will have 2 armed guards with you at all times, and you cannot leave this planet while we are going through your hearings. Visitors will be allowed, and we will have to set you up in a safe house as there are people who are going to want you dead. Will you accept these temporary arrangements or do you need to be confined to a cell?" <English>

Kyoshiro nods in agreement before looking to Fao for his answer. <English>

"I'll send for the other Elders." He nods to Fao as well. THey'll need to sign the Act once it's drafted. <English>

McGuire says, "If we all agree upon it, of course." <English>

"Who do I look like? The Parlimentary Concierge?" Woolsworth gestures towars Ramirez. "The Senator will handle your living situations. We only ask that if you wish visitors, you inform an aide of who you would like to see and they will bring them to you. Your safety, is of the utmost importance, as we will need your voice to keep the citizens of Deadwood from panicking and thinking we're coming to steal their free premium threat of death location." He pauses. "I know you are heart, good men. Good men who have made choices and are not sorry for the choices that you have made. Your trials will be as fair as possible." Then the holo image cuts off and Ramirez stands. "You must be tired, come...we will see to your lodging for the evening, after we go by the medical center." <English>

McGuire nods and follows, lighting his cigarette as he goes. <English>

"Thanks Wollsy..." Kyoshiro says to the Alliance Secretary. "Remind me to have you over for dinner if and when I'm free to do so." Kyoshiro was a cook. Owned his own restaurant. Doctorate in Culinary Arts if there was such a thing. He looked to Ramirez as she escorts them out. "The Fresno Hotel is quite nice and uncrowded this time of year... Lived here for ten years when I was studying. Great food." <English>