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Abbey 5.jpg
Full name Abigal Lee Wallace
Date of Birth 01/06/2501
Birthplace Aberdeen
Parents Molly and Roland Wallace
Siblings Samuel, Richard, Sean (older brothers)
Spouse None
Children None
Specialization Sniper
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair pale blue and red
Height and Weight 5'9" and Never ask!
Status Single
Employment History

Crew member on the Wulver

Unless stuff has been RPed out, or you know Abbey enough for possibly having infomation on any of this (ask me, can always work something out if your interested in knowing!) Then none of it is public knowledge.


Red curly hair is most likely the first thing that is noticeable about this woman. She stands about 5'9 which is somewhat on the tall side; her form is slender and she has plenty of muscle. A faint natural looking tan can be found upon her, something that came from working outside for long periods of time. Her hair is shoulder length and rather curly, often kept pulled back to keep it out of her way, save for a few strands that fall across her face. Eyes are pale blue, like ice with a faint bit of color added. A one inch jagged scar is also seen upon her right cheek.

Clothing is simple, a dark green colored long sleeved color shirt, the sleeves often rolled up to her elbows, black color jeans rest upon her lower half, snug across her hips and somewhat loser down further upon her legs. A thick brown leather belt rests across her waist; it looks to be an old gun holster the belt buckle circular with a mixture of red green paint across it, dark brown combat style boots upon her feet. She often has an old and slightly worn brown duster with her, along with a beat up off white cowboy styled hat. Jewelry is simple, two silver studs in each ear, wrapped around her right wrist is a bit of leather cord that is a tri colors of browns. The last thing that could be considered jewelry is a silver chain that rests around her neck, hanging upon it is a pair of old dog tags that are rather worn.


Abbey is not always the most talktive person, she's quiet and ever watchful of what is going on around her. Though she is anything but laid back, she has an attitude and during the times she does get angery or something is said she doesn't like or agree with she has been know to say something, which doesn't always end good. Some might call her cocky, but she's never thought of herself as being such. For those that are her friends she would do anything for them, this also goes for anyone in the crew she is on. She has no problem helping out covering someone's back and helping with in a fight or dragging them out of a problem if able.


Abbey grew up on Aberdeen, her family was well loved in the community and she had three older brothers whom she did her best to keep up with and this lead to plenty of gray hairs for her parents. They lived on the outskirts of town where the forest was only a few steps out from the back door. Her father was a avid hunter and fisherman and her mother a local herbalist and they taught their children well is all manner of things. Her father and brothers taught her how to use a gun, a bow, also how to track people or animals. She was and still is a tom boy and to some degree was able to best her brothers.

At a young age Abbey found out she was very adept at using both her right and left hand, be it from writing, to using a knife, or later on when she was learning how to use a gun with either hand. She got better at this as she got older, at this point she doesn’t even think about which hand to use or not. She would often go out on hunting and fishing trips with her father which helped her practice using a gun, or in this case a rifle. When back home she helped her mother dry herbs that were thus sold to others in the colony. Growing up with three older brother she also learned a good amount when it came to fist fights, and while they beat her to a degree she never gave up and given enough time and practice she was soon besting them.

When the war broke out between the Independent’s and the Alliance her father and eldest brother left to join the Independent side. Her father wasn’t gone for about a year before getting wounded and didn’t have a choice but to return home, her brother stayed and continued to fight against the Alliance until the bitter end. Her brother never returned home, the family was sent message that he was captured by the Alliance and most likely either died or was killed in one of the camps. It was a hard blow for the family that only hoped he would return, and the loss to the Alliance didn’t help matters in the least.

A message had been brought to the family from none other than her older brother Samuel, it said he was alive but needed help. Her parents didn’t believe the message but Abbey felt differently on the matter and started to look into it as best she could. It didn’t take long before she was able to find more information on her brother, or at least someone that was pretending to be her brother and a starting point in where she could possible go and find more information. She was able to hook up with a crew planetside that needed someone with her background in using a weapon, and after proving that she could indeed handle a rifle thanks to a bit of trouble the crew got themselves into she was allowed to tag along for a little while at least. It’s taken years and plenty of time for Abbey to prove she is a gunslinger, and most still don’t believe her until they are in need of help.

During one trip and still looking for more information on her brother she meet up with Victor Qasim, just so happen the ship known as the Legerdemain that was looking for people that could use a gun. Abbey signed up with the crew. At first Victor and Abbey had issues, two snipers pushing for the same spot can cause some problems, but over time they became friends, an perhaps a bit more then 'just friends'. The Legerdemain had some serious issues at one point when planetside and the crew were forced to part ways to find new jobs. When the crew left to finds new jobs Victor and Abbey parted for the time and at times she half regreted leaving. She went back to picking up jobs whenever she could, along with trying to find more information on her brother. The trail has grown cold but Abbey still hasn’t given up hope that Samuel may still be alive. Until she finds that information she is a hired gun, and doing other jobs on the side to help get by. Along with stil searching for her brother she ran with several other crews going across a six year period of time. Certain things happened, some good, some not so good, in the end she doesn't tend to talk about it often, though she still carries some scars from dealing with a few of the problems.

Recent IC Events

Abbey is still with Aces of Eight, but things have happened beyond her control. Someone she trusted with her life turned on her. Michio kidnapped Abbey and brought her to Blue Sun, he said it was to help her find peace and to help her because of the zombie virus. In the end Blue Sun did experiments on her, gae her injections of drugs to make her less aggressive, and in a sense actually made her a zombie. She was unable to fight back, she did not have the will to fight, she was scared and with the injections time and time again she had awful reactions to them. Abbey nearly died a few times from the drugs she was given, and one side effect she started to lose her mind. People that Abbey has had to kill started appearing before her, like ghosts she saw them, could speak with them and have long conversations. One Alliance soldier named William seems to always be there, he was shot twice on in the throat and one in the head. The reason is though he was attacking a child during a mission and Abbey took him out, he of course does not see this as something wrong and is tormenting Abbey often.

Esther and many others came to break Abbey out from Blue Sun, but in the end she was let go. It has taken months for her to feel anything like her old self and she has found with pain it seems to clear the haze of her mind more so. Abbey is till with Esther and her crew, and has started using her rifle again. Though William is still lingering, taunting and wishing her death in the corners of her mind. Only time will tell if this ever stops.

Abbey also has a new dog in her life, a three month old white and black American Bulldog type dog named Zorro. With the pups help she is seeming a bit more normal, even William doesn't taught her as much. Still she has nights where sleep never happens and she is left awake for days until dropping of exhaustion.

William is not the only one that haunts her, lately she has been seeing Angela her past is truly coming to haunt her in one form or another. With Esmeraldas gone the sniper has been having a hard time as of late, spending a good amount of time on her own until recently when she returned more or less to get back into the thick of things it would seem.


Abbey has an addiction to drinking strong coffee and will often drink it for little reason then the fact that she likes it. Strong drinks are good, especially whiskey, and while she doesn't per say have a sweet tooth hot cocoa is always a winner. Cigarettes are often found with her as well, and when nervous, or stressed she turns into a 'chain smoker'.

She likes her drinks strong, whiskey tends to be her poison of choice, or beer, though any booze that she is given she will normally drink without question. She has a high tolerance when it comes to drinking them as well. For her to feel a buzz it take more than a dozen. This is good and bad at the same time as any drug she takes doesn’t normally affect her to any degree unless she takes a larger amount, and even then it may only take the edge off.

Dreams, or in this case nightmares often plague Abbey. She is often left awake for days fearing them until she can't keep herself awake and then she tends to crash and finally asleep, which is enough to make the dreams not seem so bad. Sometimes she's been up for days at a time, and when that happens she tends to be a rather grumpy person.

Highly allergic to bee stings or any other sort of bug bites. She doesn't tend to let this be well known as she feels it is a major weakness.


'I don’t have a short temper; I just have a quick reaction time to bullshit.' Abbey's response to a question on her temper one night.

Rp Hooks

With everything going on lately, and seeing how she is with the ones causing trouble someone might have spot her during one of the fig want to RP just shoot me a page whenever I'm around! I'm sure we can work something out and so forth for the new 'War' so to speak so this could open up a can of worms of trouble for Abbey as well. Abbey also has a bad temper, and does enjoy fights. So if anyone is interested in something scene wise just let me know!

The People

Esmeraldas: Lover, ex lover? Friend...? She isn't sure anymore and it bothers her more then she let's on. She misses her.

McQuire: Good old Fao, Abbey has gotten to talk to him a lot more lately. She likes him, maybes even respects him. To some degree he reminds her of Rodney.

Kyoshiro: Not a bad guy, uncle to Ansiel so far so good with her dealings with him.

Angela: Perhaps the one person that honestly knew Abbey better then herself. When she died a large peace of Abbey id as well. With her past lover haunting her mind as of late it is causing a troublesome moment in her life to say the least.

Michio: They was once family, though he betrayed her and that is how Abbey was grabbed Blue Sun. Now, now she sees nothing but a problem she will deal with and one of them will end up dead.

Esther: Abbey's ex-new boss, she did a lot to help Abbey, especially during her stay with Blue Sun. If someone will do that for her she would help them through thick and thing. With her death it's left just another what if in Abbey's life.

Jacy: Ah yes the Alliance person everyone loves to hate. There was a time that Abbey wished her dead, now well time changes everything and now Abbey is ok with her to say the least. Not best fiends but at least friendly towards one another

Rodney: First boss that ever treated Abbey with respect, and she considers him family to some degree and would help him again if he needed it.

Frobisher: One person Abbey missed deeply, and feels that she is at fault for her friend being gone.

Cody: One person that Abbey knows would help out if she ever needed it. She is a great person and has really cute kids.


Just a small amount of music that Abbey can be found listening often, all from the-earth-that-was and from all walks of life.

  • Fun : Some Nights
  • VNV Nation: Illusion, Dark Angel
  • The Wallflowers: I Wish I felt nothing at all
  • One Republic: Apologize
  • Pink: Try, Just Give Me A Reason
  • Mumford & Sons: Winter Winds, Hold Onto What You Believe
  • Cutlin: Runnin
  • Skrillex: Korn 'Get Up', Ruffneck, Bangarang
  • Jakob Dylan: In The Arms Of A Ghost, Evil Is Alive and Well, Valley of The Low Sun
  • Eminem: Love The Way You Lie
  • Andy Grammer: Praying Like A Sinner
  • The Killers: All The Things That I Have Done, Mr.Brightside,


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