Aarif Kedzie

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This Character is Retired

Aarif Kedzie
Full name Aarif Kedzie
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Deceased
Spouse Deceased
Children Shuei Kedzie (deceased)
Specialization Doctor
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Black
Status Inactive
Education Information

Medical School on Londinium

Employment History

Doctor of the Chong Sheng


Dr. Aarif Kedzie (answers to Kedzie or Dr. Zie) has been around since before Unification War was a thought in people's heads. Generally quiet about what he did before or during the war, after Unification he took his doctoring skills out to the poor, huddled masses, and has been dead broke ever since.


The following information can be easily found: Kedzie attended school at Londinum, did rather well, and then went into the Alliance Service as a doctor, posted out at Athens until shortly after the war. His public records indicate he is now a widower, and his son (a Browncoat) died on Shadow. Since his discharge, Kedzie's been working for ships or clinics, and spending all his money on the disenfranchised. Sold his house and everything to finance it, and is notable for being broke ass. Anyone called for references says he's a nice guy, if tired and sad.


A man of variable Asian descent, no more than five-eight and built sparingly, it's rather noticeable that Kedzie's a man of a certain age. In his fifties, his hair is resilient, hanging onto the natural black color with determination, and only loosing out the war to distinguished greying at his temples. Cultured and educated, his voice modulated with the machinations of Core planets, Kedize's experienced in the 'Verse, and while he retains a level of dignity in everything he does, he moves as if he's no stranger to the perilousness of Rim planets. When Kedzie smiles, he looks like nothing more than the sweet, old grandfather who gave you a lollipop and cleaned up your scraped knee.

Kedzie dresses conservatively and out of step with fashion. A plain grey turtleneck never actually goes out of style and when paired with a black jacket in a simple Chinese design, he looks professional and mature. The catch is in the piping and cut of the jacket, which was what the well-to-do wore about thirty years ago. Wear and tear have had it's way with his clothes, and while nothing is in a poor state of repair, it's apparent that clothes are low on his list of things to care about. The pockets of his black trousers always seem to be full of something, but rarely credits, and Kedzie always carries his doctor's bag, just in case.

What's New

Most recently having served as a doctor on St. Albans, Dr. Kedzie served as the chief medical officer on the Chong Sheng until a friend on the Rim called him back to help fight a rampant influenza outbreak. Taking an indefinite leave of absence, Kedzie departed the Chong Sheng for altruistic pastures.