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Local Authority Alliance
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Yes
Public Shuttle No
Type Moon
Size Class 1 (A)
Class Border
Orbit Third from Verbena
Coordinates 3340 -1960 -16
Market Information
Commodities Market No

APC-088 is the largest and (would be) most infamous penal moon in the 'verse. The location of the moon has been kept secret by Parliament since its creation sometime before the Unification War. Only a select few Nobles and very high ranked Alliance officials know about this moon. The reason for this is that starvation, torture, and death are very common on APC-088. The penal moon houses some of the most vicious criminals ever captured by the Alliance, including Browncoats and Pirates. It also houses those that the Alliance wants to keep quiet. Cross Parliament politically, and this moon may be your last stop.

The moon itself is desolate. Save for the super-max prison, there is nothing else on the dry, dusty old rock. Only prisoner transports and supply ships ever make their way to the 'uninhabitable' moon, making escape nearly impossible. In fact, in the long history of this prison, there have only ever been two escapes.