ABS Destiny

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The ABS Destiny is a Trebuchet Class Battlecruiser, commanded by Captain Connie Saint. It was completed and commissioned in 2535.


  • Captain: Captain (Acting Fleet Captain) Charley Wong
  • First Officer: (Acting) Lt Commander Zara Barnes (NPC)
  • CO, MarDet: Commander Adrian Calhoun
  • XO, MarDet: Lt Commander Brennart Henderson
  • OC Combat Ops and Security: Lt. Commander Heather Jacy
  • Medical Officer: Commander Hyde Jekyll (NPC)
  • Pilot: Ensign Maria Teeg (NPC)
  • ADC to the CO and XO: Ensign Michael Harris (NPC)
  • Quartermaster: Lt. Adrian Hon (NPC)
  • Gunnery Sergeant: Victor Qasim
  • Engineering: Lt JGThomas Bell


  • Medical Contractor: Dr Juliet Arnett

Task Force Alpha


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