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Roland D'yer
Roland D'yer
Full name Roland Michael D'yer
Date of Birth March 15, 2495
Birthplace Beaumonde, New Dunsmuir
Spouse Angelique D'yer, deceased
Assignment Pilot on the Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Flight and Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Status Inactive
Employment History

April, 2425 to Present: Pilot on the Dochasan Lasair

Personal Notes

Both legs were amputated in 2521, Roland remains confined to a wheelchair.


Sitting before you is a man who seems to be just shy of thirty, though the crow's feet around his eyes suggest he may be a bit older. He is seated in a rather utilitarian, motorized wheelchair which is covered with chips and nicks in its chrome plating. As such, the man only sits just a few inches above four feet, though he carries himself with a bearing which makes him seem several hands taller. His face is somewhat drawn and several days worth of stubble cover his hollowed cheeks. Nonetheless, his brown eyes spark with humor and his smile is warm and inviting. Only occasionally is a flicker of a deep and lingering sadness visible across his face, but the darkness passes so quickly that you wonder if it was only a trick of the light. He seems to be in good health, so far as you can tell. His sandy brown hair is cropped short, almost to his scalp, and matches the simple, utilitarian style of his dress.

He wears an old pair of dark red coveralls, cut down and sewn up in the legs, with numerous discolored patches which suggest patches that have since been removed. It still retains some of the crisp lines and flourishes that suggest it was a flight uniform, though you don't recognize the deep red and grey striping as any particular company's uniform. As the top few buttons are undone, you can see that his undershirt is black, though you can't see enough of the design on it to make out what it might be. A pen rests in his breast pocket, as well as a carrying case for a PDA, though the case is empty. His shoes are plain black work boots, dusty and scuffed, though the soles are in near-perfect condition.

Background - Pre-PC

Roland was born on Beaumonde to a working-class family in 2495 to a pair of hardworking shopowners, who provided a stable home for his childhood in New Dunsmuir. He left school early to pursue a job working as an apprentice mechnic for a local messenger service, quickly learning the mechanics of the MULEs used for city-wide transportation and later, the transports that carried parcels and cargo to other worlds. After a number of years working for several companies in various mechanical capacities, an acquaintance approached Roland to work as the full-time mechanic and part-time pilot of a startup cargo transport company. He proved a natural-born pilot, and luckily, found his work rewarding in the extreme.

His wife, Angelique, was a friend of a co-worker whom Roland met at a party celebrating the company's purchase of their second vessel. After a brief romance, the pair were married just over a year later. Two years later, in 2521, the couple took a vacation to Shinon which ended in tragedy. Roland had rented a shuttle and was piloting it from their home on Persephone to Shinon. He had just begun initial landing procedures when an electrical fire erupted somewhere in the grav drive. The ship crashed into the ground from several hundred meters up, resulting in serious fractures in both of Roland's legs and life-threatening injuries to Angelique. While Roland's life was saved, his legs were amputated and he was left with burns and scars over much of his body. His wife was not so fortunate, passing away only hours later in the ICU. Roland blames himself for the crash and is prone to bouts of meloncholia as a result.

Background - PC

  • Mid-April, 2524 - Roland offends his employer and finds himself without a job.
  • April 19, 2524 - Roland is offered the position of Pilot aboard the Dochasan Lasair.