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+sinfo skills

Skills measure how proficient you are when performing certain tasks. They are rated on a scale of zero to one hundred. You may use xp to improve your base skill level, which represents you knowledge in that field.

Skill Adjusters: In practice, your attributes have a big impact in how well you are when performing tasks. DSS thus adjusts your skills, using a weighted average based on your other abilities and the specific skill. For example, the Climb skill has an adjuster of 40% Strength. Therefore, Adjusted Climb Skill = 0.4 * Adjusted Strength + 0.6 * Base Climb Skill.

Skill Focuses: Sometimes, it's easier to define a general skill that focuses in many specializations. You could then have many instances of the same skill, each with a different focus and at a different skill level. DSS does this for some skills. The syntax for using a skill with a focus involved replacing <Skill> with <Skill>:<Focus> for all commands. For example, you could learn Knowledge: architecture, which wouldn't affect your Knowledge: organized crime.

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