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+sinfo feats

Feats describe special qualities about your character, which you either have or don't have. There is no in-between. Some feats you may be able to select, others may be automatic for your species, and some still might only be granted by the staff. While feats usually improve your abilities, some restrict it, or just make you a little different.

+sinfo List Feats

Feat XP Feat XP
Allergy -50 Insomnia -40
Ambidexterity 50 Leaf on the Wind 40
Amputee -100 Lightning Reflexes 50
Bleeder -70 Natural Linguist 100
Claustrophobic -50 Nature Lover 60
Color Blind -20 Nightmare -25
Dead Broke -40 Paranoia -40
Filcher -40 Phobia -40
Good Name 50 Reader N/A
Heavy Tolerance 40 Rough Road -40
Hooked -50 Total Recall 60

There is a limit of three beneficial feats and three drawback feats during character creation.

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