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+sinfo attributes

Attributes measure certain universal qualities about your character. These can be tested when no skill seems to apply to a given task. They also may affect how proficient you are with certain skills. You may increase your attributes over time by using experience points. Your species, armor, or health may effect how high or low your attributes may be modified (adjusted). This adjusted rating is the one actually used for skill adjustment or task rolls.

+sinfo List Attributes

Attribute Description
Agility This is a measure of your agility, speed, and fine motor control.
Technical This is a measure of your ability to fix something, or make something.
Strength This is a measure of how tough you are. How much punishment you can take, or how much you can drink is based of this attribute.
Intelligence This is a measure of your reasoning and problem solving abilities.
Perception This is a measure of how alert you are to your environment, and how quickly you can determine if something feels wrong.
Charisma This is a measure of how adept you are when dealing with people, though not necessarily how appealing you are.

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