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+help weapons license

The MUSH uses a virtual weapon license system in order to show Alliance authorization for PCs to carry deadlier weapons.

In the Core, civilians are restricted to only having weapons on them with a maximum license level of 2, regardless of their license status. This increases to a maximum of 3 on a Border world and finally NO limit in the Rim. The exception to this is bounty hunters on an active hunt who have notified Alliance local command of the hunt (Using the +areq system).

Weapon licenses are IC annual fees (6 months RL). They can be obtained by Role Playing with an Alliance Member who will then put in a +areq for a license to be made. The weapons license will be shown on the bottom of your ID if you possess one.

Level 5 Permits: A level five permit is issued to active duty Alliance military, special operatives of the Parliament, and others who have gained favor and trust within the Alliance. Non-Military/Government level five permits are exceedingly rare, they may never be purchased, and they can only be issued by order of the Parliament, Sector Commanding General or Director: Combat Operations. These permits do not carry any of the restrictions of the lower permit levels, they do not expire, and they may only be rescinded by the issuing authority, or a higher governmental entity.

To obtain a weapons license, please use the License Box in the Administration building in the Alliance Station on Persephone. The exit is 'AFS' off of the City Center.

For a list of fees, please see +license.

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