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+help repose

Syntax: Repose

Displays the most recent pose in the current scene.

Syntax: Norepose

Disables pose logging for two hours.

Repose is a useful and powerful command of benefit to role players who for one reason or another have missed a pose or simply need to refresh their memory. The repose system is language dependent. It does not confer understanding to those who are not fluent in the language used.

Because of the sensitive nature of many scenes, some players may be justifiably concerned regarding the privacy of their poses, which is why the system contains multiple safeguards against intrusion to ensure the privacy and respect your role play deserves. Among these:

  1. Poses are not retrievable after 30 minutes.
  2. Poses are not readable when the scene has ended (the pose order is empty).
  3. The data is permanently erased when no longer needed.
  4. Reposing may be permanently or temporarily disabled in a room.

To disable the recording/retrieval of poses in a room for two hours, simply type norepose. After two hours have passed, a notification will be made in the room that reposing has been re-enabled.
BUILDERS: You may permanently disable room relogging by setting a "norepose" attribute in the room to 1 or any other true value.
PLAYERS: You may place an +areq to request disabling in any private location owned by your character.

NOTE: Coded safeguards can not prevent every possible misuse. Remember it is your duty as players to respect the privacy of your fellow players. Unethical use of this or any other command to spy on fellow players will not be tolerated by the staff of this MUSH. Play responsibly.

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