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+help medpacks

There are four levels to the medpacks. You MUST have the corresponding skill to use that medpack. The skills are not interchangeable.

First Aid Medpack - Uses First Aid Skill
Nursing Medpack - Uses Nursing Skill
Medicine Medpack - Uses Medicine Skill
Surgery Medpack - Uses Surgery Skill

First Aid is the lowest level, lowest training, so heals the least amount of damage. Surgery the highest, so heals the highest amount of damage. You can use them to treat as many wounds as a person has, but you can only treat each wound every 3-4 hours.

The Medpacks are like guns, they take ammo:

First Aid Supplies for First Aid Medpacks
Nursing Supplies for Nursing Medpacks
Medical Supplies for Medicine Medpacks
Surgical Supplies for Surgery Medpacks

The Medpacks are portable. Doctor Beds are not. Medsupplies will continue to be on the market for use in stocking the Doctor Beds.

The Medpacks, and the supplies that go with each, will be sold at THREE vendor locations. Ariel Hospital. Red Lion Industries (Osiris). Derrial Book Memorial Hospital (Persephone). To buy supplies anywhere but Ariel Hospital, please contact members of the orgs where the vendors are located.

Additional Notes

Old Medpac objects are now parented to the First Aid Medpack Parent. They work just like First Aid Medpacks now - they take First Aid Supplies, and the First Aid skill, and do not take the old Medsupplies any more.

Old Medsupplies objects are no longer used with any type of medical packs. However, they are still used (and are the only type of supplies used) for Doctor Beds. They are still available at vendors for this reason.

Note the specific spellings of these names (Medpac instead of <whatever> Medpack, and Medsupplies instead of Medical Supplies).


The commands for each type of medical pack are similar, but use a different prefix (FK for First Aid, NK for Nursing, MK for Medical and SK for Surgery). Here are the commands from a First Aid Medpack:

FK HELP - Displays this screen.
FK SCAN <player> - Displays a character's health status.
FK TREAT <player> FOR WOUND <#> - Lets you tend to a player's <#>th wound.
FK REFILL WITH <supplies> - Refills the supplies of the First Aid Kit.