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+help lock

Syntax: Lock <exit>

This locks an exit within your room. You can only lock an exit that belongs to either you or your ORG. A locked exit will not block anyone who has the ability to lock/unlock it, nor will it block staff members.

Two red asterisks (**) after an exit name indicates an exit that is locked to you.
Two green asterisks (**) after an exit name indicates an exit that is locked to others but not to you.

It is possible to lock an exit in such a way that only ORG members and/or specified individuals can pass through when locked, and anyone can pass through when unlocked. Furthermore, exits that are locked will now appear with ** after their names (with a few exceptions that can be corrected by staff). These indicate that either an exit is locked and impassable by you (red), or locked and passable by you (green).

You can read about the new related commands by checking out +HELP LOCK and its related topics.

Most exits are not currently set up to be lockable/unlock-able. This needs to be set up individually for each exit. If you want the ability to lock/unlock an exit, please submit an +AREQ. Requests will only be considered if the following criteria are met:

1) The exit is part of a private structure which is either a private business/residence or belongs to an ORG. 2) You either own the location personally or you are a leader in the ORG to which it belongs. 3) The room is not aboard a ship or anything that functions as a ship, as the code is not designed to interact with shipboard lock commands.

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