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All licenses, be they weapon licenses or vehicle licenses, can be renewed using the license box at the fed station on Persephone or the DAS headquarters on Londinium. If you'd like to RP your renewal with a member of the Alliance org, you may request to do so via +allcall. However, if no one is available please use a license box. The following rules apply:

  • There is a 7 day IC grace period after your license expires. If you renew during the grace period, or at any point before the license expires, you pay the renewal cost listed in +license.
  • After the grace period ends, you will be charged a 100 credit late fee when you renew.
  • If the license is more than 1 IC year past its expiration date, it cannot be renewed. You must pay the initial registration cost again.
  • Exceptions may be granted by staff or Alliance personnel.

For a list of license fees, please see +license.

See also: +help weapons license, +help vehicle license