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+help getting a job

Serenity: The Mush is very 'Ship-centric'. This means that role play is intended to take place around Ship's Crew. So for the most part, people will want to get a job on a ship. There are other Organizations out there that hire people on the Mush, but the Freelance Ships make up the majority of organizations on the mush.


Syntax: +bbread 10
Syntax: +bbread 10/<post>

First you will want to see who may be hiring currently. You will want to check out the Employment BB for that. +bbread 10 to check that out. Feel free to @mail or see +help +wave for an IC way of contacting the posters.


Syntax: +org/list

If nothing on the Employment BBoard (+bbread 10) looks good, then be proactive! Take a look at all the Organizations on the Mush by checking out +org/list. Everything listed under 'Freelance Ships' are ships on the Mush, and their contacts are listed there as well. Send these folks a page or an @mail saying that you are new and looking for work, and want to get integrated into the role play on the mush. Our players really are for the most part a friendly bunch and we know that they will want to help!


If all else fails, page an Admin. They will be happy to help. However please keep in mind that the staff can't guarantee you a job. If your character is a loner who does not play well with others there may not be anything anyone can do to help you in that regard. *wink* But rest assured that we will do what we can. We want to see everyone find a crew that they fit well with!