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+help flight

The help files for the Flight Console have been separated into 4 groups and are as follows.


To power a system, you need only type the systems name. Most of them can be typed short.

Example: Aft

Powers up Aft Shields.

To power system down, type the system name followed by 'off'.

Example: Aft Off

Powers down the aft shields.

Note: You must man an Engineering Console and type Power to power up the reactor before allocating power to other systems.


Syntax: plot <x> <y> <z>

Plots a course for <x> <y> <x>.

Syntax: head <XY> mark <Z>

Sets the ships heading to <XY> mark <Z>.

Syntax: inter <contact>

Sets an intercept course for <contact>

Syntax: ss <speed>

Sets speed of the ship to <speed>. (Must be used before you can Afterburn)

Syntax: afterburn

Sets the ship to Hardburn speed.

Syntax: noburn

Brings the afterburners offline.

Syntax: stat

Shows the Navigation Stats screen.

Syntax: taxi <direction>

Move's a ship on the ground in the direction chosen.


Syntax: srep

Gives a sensor report

Syntax: scan <contact>

Scans <contact> for information such as Ship Class or Landing Locations.

Syntax: view

Use when landed to get a view outside the ship.

Syntax: land <contact>/<location>

Lands the ships on <contact> and at <location>. Locations will be listed on the scan of <contact>.

Syntax: gdock <ShipName>/<Bay>[<=Code>]

Docks the ship into <Bay> on landed <ShipName>, <Code> is optional, and only needed for those with a code set. I.e. 'gdock <ShipName>/<Bay>' works when no code present. See 'view' above to get a list of <ShipName>s.

Syntax: launch

Launches you from a contact, whether it be another ship, or a planet.


Syntax: accel info

Reports the Acceleration Status of the ship.

Syntax: decel info

Reports the Deceleration Status of the ship.