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+help factory commands

Serenity: The Mush was lucky enough to acquire Dahan's Cargo system with factories, the following is a command list that can be found locally on the Factory object.

Command Explanation
FAC HELP Displays the help screen
FAC STATUS Displays a status report
FAC LIST PRODUCTS Displays what this factory may produce
FAC LIST WORKERS Displays what kinds of employees exist
FAC MANIFEST Displays cargo available to the factory
FAC HIRE <#> <Type> Hires employees to work here
FAC FIRE <#> <Type> Fires employees in the unassigned pool
FAC PRODUCE <#> <Item> Begins production of that item
FAC CANCEL <Item> Cancels work order for item
FAC ASSIGN <#> <Type> TO <Item> Allocates workers to a project
FAC REMOVE <#> <Type> FROM <Item> Removes workers from project
FAC DEPOSIT # Deposits money in the factory (in credits)

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