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+help dss

DSS is short for Dahan's Skill System. It was designed especially for a multi-user text-based gaming environment, after long use and experimentation of other skill systems.

SEE: +sinfo About DSS

Skills measure how proficient you are when performing certain tasks. They are rated on a scale of zero to one hundred. You may use xp to improve your base skill level, which represents you knowledge in that field.

How Attributes affect Skills:

Skill Adjusters:

Your attributes have a big impact in how well you do when performing certain tasks. DSS adjusts your skills, based on your attributes using a weighted average. For example, the Climb skill has an adjuster of 25% Strength. Therefore, If you have 25 experience points in climb and a base Strength of 40, the system will adjust your climb skill up. You'll be naturally stronger so you'll have an easier time climbing something. By adding experience points to your climb skill you'll began to reach the limits of what your body can do easily. Your lack of strength will began to effect your climb skill negatively. This is truly a dynamic system, and why we use it on Serenity MUSH.