+help cargo recovery

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+help cargo recovery

Cargo PODS

Syntax: grapple ####

Cargo pods are -TONNAGE- based commodity cargo objects, these can be taken on board by using any console on the bridge or in the cockpit of a ship.


Cargo containers are cargo objects like you would get from the cargo vendors. You have to have an EVA to recover these containers. Use the commands provided inside the EVA to lock on to the container and then dock again with your ship.

Plotting courses

Syntax: plot #### #### ##

This is a way to plot a course from one point to another without having a sensor contact to intercept. It is done by using the command plot 3899 6849 -15. Now, these numbers will change to fit the course you want to plot, so use your own numbers, not the ones listed here. Once you type it in, it will give you a screen in reply. You HAVE to look at the heading block on the lower left and use SH ## ## to turn your ship to that heading. Or you will continue along your old course. The set your speed to move to the plotted location. Replotting the course will not change your heading, but will give you a new ETA and distance for that course.