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+help +wave

Syntax: +wave <player>=<subject>/<message>

The +wave command is Firefly's version of Instant Messenger and email combined. It can be sent either via text or by video and it can be left as a message or as live 'chat'. ICly, the information is sent by way of the Cortex, therefore, it is subject to be hacked into and read by outside sources.

Waving Multiple People

Syntax: +multiwave <people without spaces in name>=<subject>/<message>

This is the exact same thing as a regular +wave, but with one exception, it enables you to broadwave a message to multiple people at once, and the recipients see the list of other recipients.

Setting a Signature

Syntax: &wave_sig me=<blah>
Example: &wave_sig me=Doctor Simon Tam

This will automatically add a signature to every +wave that you send. In the example shown, instead of Simon typing his name at the end of the +wave, it will automatically show at the bottom of the message 'Doctor Simon Tam'. Remember, all +waves are considered IC, not OOC, communication.