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+help +org

Syntax: +org/help

For help on how to see the different commands to look through your org/ship, use the function '+org/help'


For more detail about any command, see: +org/help <topic>, using the switch for the +org command. E.g. +org/help waiting


To all you good players (and the evil ones as well),

I think it's important that I explain some of my thoughts behind this org system, so you may understand how to use it best. This org system is intended to be a tool to help people keep track of members of organizations, to share information between them, and to keep track of what organizations exist in general. It allows 'org leaders' a large degree of control over their organization. Don't be fooled though, the 'org leader' status for the code may or may not reflect who is ICly in charge of the organization. Some orgs may prefer to make this more of a secretarial position.

This system is not however, intended to replace roleplaying in any capacity. I hold everyone responsible to not abuse this system. If a player wishes to join an org, they should RP going about that, rather than just typing out org commands and OOC chatter to recruit a player into an org.

Anyway, I wish you the best with this system. Please report any suggestions, complaints, or bugs to me.

-- Dahan

General Commands

These commands are for everyone's use.

+org/active <org> Selects your default org.
+org/apply <org> Submit an application to the org.
+org/deposit <org>=<amount> <currency> Deposits money to an org.
+org/desc [<org>] Gives a description of an org.
+org/help Displays a list of all org commands.
+org/list [<type>] Displays a list of all existing orgs.
+org/member Displays all of the orgs you are a member of.
+org/mail <IC|OOC>/<subject>=<message> Sends @mail to entire org.
+balance [<player>] Displays how much money you have on you.
+pay <player>=<amount> [<currency>] Gives money to player.

For more detail about any command, see: +org/help <topic>, using the switch for the +org command. E.g. +org/help help

Member Commands

These commands are for org member or admin use only.

+org/activity [<org>] Displays how active members are.
+org/email [<org>] Displays member IC email addresses.
+org/motd [<org/all>] Displays the org motd.
+org/paycheck [<org>] Collects your weekly paycheck.
+org/payroll [<org>] Displays your payroll data.
+org/quit [<org>] Remove yourself from the org.
+org/ranks [<org>] Display the rank table of the org.
+org/roster [<org>] Lists all the members of the org.
+org/search <category>=<string> Display org members that match the criteria.
+org/welcome [<org/all>] Displays an org's welcome @mail.
+org/who [<org>] Lists the members of the org that are connected.

Leader Commands

These commands are for org leader or admin use only.

+org/accept <player> Grants org membership to an org applicant.
+org/addrank <rank>=<amount> <currency> Adds a new rank to the rank table.
+org/assign <player>=<assignment> Set the assignment of an org member.
+org/balance See how much money the org has.
+org/boot <player> Removes a player from the org.
+org/cleanup [<org>] Will remove non-players from an org.
+org/contact <org>=<msg> Set the contact message for the org.
+org/delrank <rank> Deletes the rank from the rank table.
+org/division <player>=<division> Set the division of an org member.
+org/leader <player> Appoints an org leader.
+org/ledger [<org>] View financial transactions of an org.
+org/move <player> to <org> Moves a player between orgs.
+org/payroll See how much everyone's weekly paycheck is.
+org/primary <player> Sets the org's primary leader.
+org/rank <player>=<rank> Set the rank/title of an org member.
+org/reject <player> Denies org membership to an org applicant.
+org/retire [<player>] Retires player or yourself from org leadership.
+org/setdesc <org>=<desc> Sets the org description.
+org/setmotd <org>=<motd> Sets the org motd.
+org/setpay <player>=<amount> <currency> Sets a players weekly paycheck.
+org/setwelcome <org>=<message> Sets the new member welcome @mail contents.
+org/waiting [<org/all>] Displays a list of all org applicants.
+org/withdraw <org>=<amount> <currency> Withdraws money from the org.

Admin Commands

These commands are for admin use only.

+org/alias <org>=<alias> Changes the alias of an org.
+org/alist [<org>] A variation of the +org/list command.
+org/appoint <player>=<org> Makes the player a member of an org.
+org/form <org>=<name> Creates an org.
+org/leaders Displays the leaders of every org.
+org/member <player> Displays what orgs a player is in.
+org/nuke <org> Destroys an org.
+org/parent <org>=<org> Sets an org's parent.
+org/name <org>=<name> Changes the name of an org.
+org/type <org>=<type> Changes the type of an org.
+org/unparent <org> Unsets an org's parent.


These functions are restricted to org members and admin use only.

omembers(<org>) Lists all members of an org.
owho(<org>) Lists all connected members of an org.
isomember(<player>,<org>) Returns a 1 if the player is an org member.
isoleader(<player>,<org>) Returns a 1 if the player is an org leader.

These functions are restricted to admin use only.

addomoney(<org>,<amount>,<currency>,<description>) Adds money to an org account.
orgs(<player>) Returns a list of DB #'s for all orgs the player is apart of.
getmoney(<object>[,<currency>]) Returns how much money the object has.
setmoney(<object>,<amount>[,<currency>]) Sets how much money the object has.
addmoney(<object>,<amount>[,<currency>]) Adds money to an object.
submoney(<object>,<amount>[,<currency>]) Subtracts money from the object.


Q. What does the org system do?

The +org system is designed to help manage organizations. Players may be a member of zero, one, or multiple organizations.

Q. Who can see which organizations I belong to?

Only people within your own organization and the staff may see which organizations you belong to.

Q. I get told that my org doesn't exist when I try to use the org system.

There is a command that will set your default org. See: +org/help active. Since some commands don't refer to which organization you are using, they will check for your 'active' org by default.

Q. How can I get my own org?

Only the staff has the power to create organizations, so it is a matter of getting them to do so. Your application will go a lot faster if you include your org's alias, full name, type, names of the org leaders. If you already have other org members to add to that org, the staff is usually much happier about the whole thing.

Q. How do org trees or sub-orgs work?

Orgs may be connected via the +org/parent command. Once connected, all members of the child org and its children are considered members of the parent organizations. A group of organizations connected this way may be called an org tree.

A player should only be assigned to one org in any given org tree. However, once assigned that player is considered an org member of that org and all of its parent organizations. Org leaders are only leaders of the org he or she is assigned to, and all of its child orgs.

Each organization in an org tree maintains its own separate bank accounts, and paychecks come only out of the organization the player is assigned to.