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+help +noms

Nom System

The +nom system is the only way, other than admin intervention, to get XP. When one player +nom's another player, both players get XP.

Syntax: +nom <player>=<reason>

This awards a +nom to a player. NOTE: The reason MUST include a scene pose AND/OR a detailed reason as to why they deserve a +nom.

Syntax: +noms

This command will show how many noms you have total.

Syntax: +nom/check -OR- +nom/c

This command will show you how many noms you have left to give out.

Award System

Along with the +nom system, we have added in Awards that players get after a certain amount of +noms have been awarded.

Syntax: +nom/leaders

To see who is at the top of the Awards list.

Syntax: +nom/awards

This command shows what level each award is at.

Syntax: +nom/stats

This command shows the current week's noms, last week's noms, and the record number of noms in one week.

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