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+help +medrecords

Accessible by Medical Archetype players, the player themselves and admin only, these commands access your Medical records.

Syntax: +medrecords/view <player>

Views the medrecords of <player>

Syntax: +medrecords/add <player>=<title>/<text>

Adds a medrecord to <player>. The medrecord is named <title> and contains <text>

Syntax: +medrecords/delete <player>/<record #>

Deletes medrecord number <record #> from <player>

Syntax: +medrecords/edit <player>/<record #>=<Title>/<Info>

Edits medrecord number <record #> from <player> to be titled <Title> with body of <Info> (Used for typo editing, and adding additional information such as a new allergy.)