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+help +friends

These commands will allow you to be able to know when a 'group' of people you frequently talk/RP with are online.

Syntax: +friends

Lists all your online friends

Syntax: +friends/list

List all friends at once, regardless of online status.

Syntax: +friends/add <player>

Add <player> to your friend list.

Syntax: +friends/remove <player>

Remove <player> from your friend list.

Syntax: +friends/alert

Toggle friend connection/disconnection alerts. Note: To hear alerts for a player, the two must be mutual friends, that is, be on each other's friends lists.

Format: FRIENDS: NAME has (dis)connected.
Syntax: +friends/page <Message>

Pages every online person on your friend's list.

Syntax: +friends/hide

Toggles hiding from everyone's login alerts.

Syntax: +friends/where

Lists the general location of people on your list

Syntax: +friends/clean

Clean all non-players from your friends list (useful for recycled dbrefs for nuked players).

Syntax: +guests/on

This will enable notification when Guests log on/off from the game.

Format: GUEST: NAME has (dis)connected.
Syntax: +guests/off

This will disable notification when Guests log on/off from the game.