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+help +finger

Syntax: +finger <person>

This command gets you some ooc information on that character. Such as when they were last logged on, and who they may work for, as well as their full character name.

Syntax: +finger

Using No Person's Name will +finger yourself.


Some things available to set on your own personal +finger is as follows:

  • &URL me=<Your URL>
  • &MYSPACE me=<Your Myspace URL>
  • &IM Me=<Your IM address>
  • &EMAIL me=<Your Email Address>
  • &NOTE me=<Appropriate Notes>
  • &QUOTE me=<Your infamous character quote>
  • &SONG me=<Your song and artist that best describes your character personality>
  • &ONLINE me=<hours I'm online and available to RP>