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+help +conceal

Syntax: +conceal <item>

Conceals <item>, if its flagged to be concealable. For this command to work it must be in your inventory, not yet concealed and the code runs a passing skillroll.

Syntax: +unconceal <item>

Unconceals <item>. If the item is in your inventory and concealed.

Syntax: +unconceal/all

Unconceals all concealed items on your person.

Syntax: +scan <player>

Allows you to take a closer look at any player in question. As long as they are in the same room, you may have the possibility of spotting concealed items. The possibilities being, just knowing their simple presence on the person, or not only spotting them but where and in what position. Or there is the possibility of not spotting anything at all, it is all dependent on the skill and the rolls successes

The art of concealment is an actual skill, and the higher your skill the more likely you will be able to hide those more annoying pieces of armor and/or weapons. The first thing to make sure of is that the object you're wishing to conceal is actually flagged for such, if its not no amount of skill will hide it on your person.

Some factors that go into making sure you're able to get a positive coded roll for concealing an object is not only your skill level in concealment, but also your spot skill, as well as the number of items that you've already concealed on your person.

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