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+help +archetype

During the chargen process choosing an archetype can be fairly daunting. For this purpose a command that lists the /current/ archetypes has been implemented. So that new players as well as old ones who are making alts, can get a feel of what's needed as well as what there are in huge numbers.

Syntax: +archetype/stats

This command lists the current archetypes that are currently in play as well as about how many we have in each.

Syntax: +archetype/online

This command lists the breakdown of archetypes for currently logged in characters only.

Syntax: +archetype <archetype>

This command sets your current archetype, however, this can only be done once so choose carefully. Any other changes will have to be done through +areq through staff with an explanation as to why.

Syntax: +archetype/list

This command currently lists all available archetypes that can be played on this game. However, if you feel an archetype has been left out, +areq the archetype along with how this will boost the rp on the game.

For added information on these archetypes see '+help concept' for further descriptions.


Available Archetypes are:

Alliance, Bounty Hunter, Captain, Companion, Con Artist, Culinary Artist, Entertainer, Freelancer, Gunslinger, Medical, Merchant, Pilot, Politician, Preacher, Street Urchin, Tech, and Thief

If your Archetype is missing please submit a +request.


The image below is an example of the +archetype/stats output. These stats are constantly changing:


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